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Fictionalhead is the online moniker of the design studio and music compositions of Dan Meyer. Previously, Meyer had released his art, music, and design under the name "smashmethod," with many things that can be found online still showing the previous name. However, with the reinvention of his website, services, and musical composing style, the name Fictionalhead is, and will remain, the name for all future releases.

Currently, Fictionalhead has released two albums; It Only Ends Once in 2009, and Heavy Rotation a year later in 2010. He is currently working on a third album, and progress through it can be monitored from his website, where he posts fragments and works in progress from his efforts. Additional information on all of his releases, past and present, can be found on http://www.fictionalhead.com/music

As of 2011, all future albums are also available on Bandcamp, http://fictionalhead.bandcamp.com

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