"Repeat Until False", "Amy Lace/Little Creature/Fibroma", Gallery Section

26 Jun 2010 | from

"Repeat Until False" is on it's way, featuring artist: Jelenés, Cocaine Adventure, and Tibetan Square, with artwork by Jacob Hill (jhill2010)

Will be available on the site, $8 no shipping, US only, be sure to pick it up!

Amy Lace/Little Creature split will be put with the purchase of  "Rise and Shine", so if you order now I will send you the split along with the CD. Two good albums for the price of one!

The Blues for Spacegirl/Fibroma split will be starting soon as well! Look forward to beautiful ambient abstract soundscapes.

I am also adding a gallery section for live videos, pictures, among other things.

Very short but sweet

- DC

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