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Red Planet was originally conceived in `89, when Fenriz started a one-man project influenced by '70/80s doom metal bands, like Black Sabbath, Trouble (US), Pentagram (US) and Candlemass. Back then he called the band "Pilgrim Sands". One song was recorded and the project was canned.

Four years later, in `93, Fenriz had the doom metal feeling again, and decided to record three new tracks using a 4-track recorder - the famed Necrohell studio - the same which was used to record Transilvanian Hunger and Panzerfaust. Fenriz kept the tracks hidden, only playing it to some friends. He gave one tape to Apollyon of Aura Noir, who then played it to Nattefrost around '02. Two or three years later, Nattefrost convinced Fenriz to release them in a split.

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