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The Limit to Your Love (4:21)


  • Blake is good, Feist is excellent
  • It's very rare when a cover version sounds better than the original but I prefer the James Blake version- although maybe I'm biased as I heard that before this..
  • James Blake version has grown on me, but this is still untouchable.
  • Prefer Feist's version!
  • very cool
  • James Blake covered this song to perfection.
  • This is a Feist song!! Kicking myself for not realising earlier (after hearing the James Blake version)
  • I knew the James Blake song sounded familiar - it had a distinctly Feist feel to it!
  • wow. ♥
  • James Blake version. Best single in a long, long time [2]
  • the piano reminds me of Joan as Police Woman – I Defy
  • James Blake version. Best single in a long, long time
  • gorgeous.
  • love the piano in this track
  • love this tune!
  • perfection!
  • It's a fine tune indeed! But am I the only one who detects a hint of La Streisand in the arrangement of this song? (doesn't have to be a bad thing, kids!)
  • oh feist! Your music is brilliant! :)
  • All around beautiful song, but I especially love that fluttery mellotron around 2:06-2:30, then that piano comes back in....fantastic. Then the guitar comes in at 3:22...more mellotron at the ending. This is a masterpiece.
  • love love feistttttt
  • I like your music! Keep it up!:)
  • Feist is a super eclectic and very talented artist.
  • Good album too!w!
  • Good one - piano I like!
  • amazing song.
  • I fucking love this song, it's majestic in all sorts of amazing ways.
  • Huuummmm
  • love, love, love
  • love it! anybody hear Montreal artist Lanan Adcock's new record? she's on last.fm here: http://www.last.fm/music/Lanan+Adcock I really like the track Lullabye from her album
  • she's so great
  • :)
  • I saw I saw I saw
  • I know I know I know
  • crap crap crap
  • hmmmmmm....
  • sssshhhh....just listen to this song
  • kocham!
  • J'adore !
  • like a waterfall in slow motion <3
  • dla mnie boskie !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • FEIST :))) great!!!
  • Aaahhh,...nice and dreamy. makes me eager for spring
  • crocro bien
  • I love I love I love ... this song. I know I know I know ... the lyrics cause it's stuck in my head.
  • ok.
  • beautiful
  • this one is amazing
  • nice lyrics
  • nice , sweet


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