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  1. Cut'n'Run was founded in spring 2004. The name of the band was borrowed from a cult movie of the same name by Rudgero Deodado. In winter 2004…

  2. Kaliningrad hardcore band.
    Band Members:
    xIlyax - vocal
    Mars - guitar
    Anton - bass
    xYashax - drums

  3. Russian hardcore band from Novosibirsk. Their music is a mix of old-school and beatdown elements.

    Band line-up:
    xDimax - voc,
    xTimax - voc, …

  4. There are at least two bands with this name:

    1. Rise As One (RAO) is a beatdown hardcore band from Moscow, Russia.
    Band releases new album in…

  5. Russian old school hardcore band. B'67 started in late nineties as an provocative militant sXe project influenced by such bands as Chorus Of…



  7. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  8. hardcore, hardcore punk,

    Russian Federation, Province of Samara

    TL was originally conceived as a one-off…

  9. Melodic old school hardcore with influence of emo-punk/streetpunk from St. Petersburg.

    Band was from autumn 2001 to autumn 2003.

    Band Members: …

  10. Vyshka! is a hardcore punk band from Russia. they were featured on the first Russian tribute to the Ramones compilation.

  11. The Force Within were five guys from Bonn/Germany operating on the border between classic old school HC and chaotic new school stuff.

  12. Veg-Straight Edge hardcore from Moscow. XXX

  13. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  14. 1) Moscow punk\hardcore band.

    2) Uzbekistan doom\death metal band.

  15. Russian Punk - Hardcore band

  16. Wheel4x, Hardcore Punk / Thrash band from Kaliningrad, Russian Federation.


  17. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  18. Keep On Fighting were a positive vegan straight edge oldschool hardcore band from Ukraine in 2006-2007.

  19. Two Minutes Older was a short-lived punk/hardcore band from St. Petersburg, Russia, which disbanded shortly after the release of their début…


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