• My top 30 Feeder songs (w/ albums) v2.5

    13 May 2012, 20:54 by ackers07

    Edit in progress... unlinked songs need cleaning up, if any fans could suggest/encourage song pairings. Bonus edition including favourite lyrics + my thoughts on the band to eventually be hosted on my blog.

    An under-the-radar alt. rock band; I've been a fan since the release of The Singles (2006). Being another diverse artist, this sure isn't easy to decide - even more difficult than SP - as Feeder are a more mixed up band. Based on strength & quality (the later tracks get less priority, in fairness of the band having already been in their prime):

    [0. Swim]
    |1. Undivided
    |2. *Comfort in Sound
    -3. *Just the Way I'm Feeling / *Feeling a Moment
    |4. *Yesterday Went Too Soon / Tomorrow Shine
    |5. Emily
    |6. Here in the Bubble
    |7. Love Pollution
    -8. My Perfect Day
    |9. *We Are the People / *Renegades
    |10. Bitter Glass / Pilgrim Soul / Sonorous

    |11. Descend / Chicken on a Bone / Rush / radiation?
    |12. *Day in Day Out / [(*high /) *seven days?] / *insomnia?
  • Hoarding, holidays, New Year's Eve and kitchen slavery.

    2 Jan 2009, 07:16 by aznsupragrl182

    If I could be surgically attached to an electronic device, it would be my PHONE. I'm no SMS junkie, but I do enjoy chatting on free Vodafone minutes, mainly because my dad is on contract with Vodafone as an IBM systems analyst and he has committed a cardinal sin against his offspring, of which he does not intend to redeem himself with an act of penance anytime soon.

    Being the stereotypically cheap evil asian he is, he has played around with the custom settings of my account using his Vodafone permissions, and since 2004, I have been living off an obscurely created prepaid account that gives me $20 over 4 years, or more precisely $5 for every 365 days.

    I'll do the math for you. That works out to be 1+2/3 texts a month.

    And though it shits me to no end that I have to forever collect free Voda-to-Voda minutes to prevent my social life from becoming officially defunct, it's not what I want to talk about today.

    Apart from free Vodafone texts and minutes…
  • Exam tomorrow

    15 Jun 2006, 20:50 by AndySpeed

    Sort by song title:
    -First Song: "Matrix Reloaded Suite" - Don Davis
    -Last Song: Zuton Fever - The Zutons

    Sort by time:
    -Shortest Song: Foreword - Linkin Park
    -Longest Song: "Matrix Reloaded Suite" - Don Davis

    Sort by album:
    -First Song: Hello - Oasis
    -Last Song: Somewhere - The Subways

    Sort by no. tracks:
    - Most Tracks: Feeder
    - Least Tracks: Too many

    Top 10 Most Played Songs:
    1. Owner of a lonely heart - Max Graham & Yes
    2. I Like The Way - BodyRockers
    3. Club Foot - Kasabian
    4. Mr Brightside - The Killers
    5. Buck Rogers - Feeder
    6. Feel Good Inc - Gorillaz
    7. Galvanize - The Chemical Brothers
    8. Just a Day - Feeder
    9. DARE - Gorillaz
    10. Suzie - Boy Kill Boy

    First five songs that comes up on Shuffle:
    1. You've Got A Friend In Me
    2. Washing Up (Tiga Remix) - Tomas Andersson
    3. God Is On The Radio
    4. Emily
    5. Out of Space

    "Sex", How many songs come up?: 22
  • Top 10 Week 4

    23 Sep 2005, 20:09 by shifto112

    Right. This was the week I was in Belgium and France on the History Trip so less music but yeah still not a bad list this week.

    1 Untitled 7 6 - The first song I have heard from ( ), and darker than anything on Agaetis Byrjun, but still amazing.

    2 Anthems for a
    Seventeen Year-Old Girl
    4 - This is a very odd song, not what I was expecting at all...strangely mesmerising, very different to the other song of theirs I have...i like the strangely sung words though, "Park that car/Drop that phone/Sleep on the floor/Dream about me.."

    2 Dust in the Sunlight 4 - Still the only proper song I've heard by them but it blew my away. I looked up their album on amazon expecting it to be on it, but turns out it's a B-side to the Bullets single. Another greatest B side contender then. Unless the A side is better.

    2 Comforting Sounds 4 - Builds to a beautiful crescendo, wow.

    5 Beard 3 - Hehe. …
  • Top 10 Week 3

    17 Sep 2005, 22:19 by shifto112

    Note the immediate decrease in quality of track chart due to being back at school-ness. However, it's not too bad. Some good un's this week.

    1 Midnight in a Perfect World 9 - The best trip-hop song ever. Its like...listening to...what midnight would sound like if you were in a perfect world. /bad description

    2 Portions For Foxes 7 - This really is what pop music should sound like. Brilliant guitars, great vocalist, lovely lyrics, hot girl..I could carry on.

    3 Emily 5 - The best of the "B-sides that were better than the A-side" In this case, the B-side to Just A Day. It's one of my favourite songs ever, has such personal relevance to me, it also helps being a brilliant song. Great bassline, quiet lovely melodic verses and great lyrics and the chorus is an almighty grungy crash of noise. Ka-stounding.

    3 Science vs Romance 5 - Another pop masterpiece. It's one of those occasions however when I play a song a lot and then can't remember exactly what it's like.