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More psychological than musical, Fear of Dolls created a sound bordering on the absurd. The combination of noise and nonsense, any and all things childish, exaggerated, and irrational, resulted in an incredible cacophony that could transport you back to a time when you still believed monsters lived under your bed. With that, we simply wrote and played music without a care in the world, finding strange joys and comforts in the confusion that was often instilled upon the innocent bystanders who found themselves within our aural walls. The ground often trembled with an emotionally threatening, dark, ambient noise. Formed in 1995 by Greg Forschler, the music and members have been constantly shifting and evolving ever since, and degenerating, yet breathing in various forms, since 2001, into a perpetual state of uncertainty and flux. The band has had two distinct singers amongst its often ambiguous personnel changes, and is currently fronted by Greg and vocalist Bonni, who joined in 2000 along with her doll Chatty Patty. Shows are a rare surprise, and recordings still continue to surface. This may be the end, or the beginning.

Currently Fear of Dolls are Greg Forschler (guitar, bass guitar, toys, other) and Bonni Suval (vocals, xylophone, toys).

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