• Faxi Nadu - Recent News and going ons! April 2007

    28 Apr 2007, 11:53 by FaxiNadu

    Hey folks,

    A lot has been going on lately, and I wanted to provide some news and updates in regards to my projects.

    Anomalistic Records is getting set to release thier debut album, a double cd that includes also 2 Faxi Nadu tunes inside: "Looking For Girls" and "Lessons in Science Fiction". This release features a bunch of talented north american artists, and I am proud to have been given the chance to be on it!

    "Faxi Nadu - Green Dune" will appear on Cosmic Flower's upcoming free mp3 net release, "Faxi Nadu - Indian Remedy" will appear on Skitzophrenik Lifeform Rec upcoming free wav and mp3 net release. Glad to finally make these two tunes available to the public.

    Coming this summer is a Faxi Nadu cd album! I have been working for the past year on this project, and finally this is nearing completion.... full 80 minute cd with packed with previously unreleased new tracks!

    stay tuned for a lot of album news in the coming weeks: press release…