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  • Avatar for BloodOnLeaves
    I need a desert session.
  • Avatar for knight_88
    amazing! [2]
  • Avatar for mefurgly
    Larry's not playing with them anymore?
  • Avatar for kyusslover
  • Avatar for natalielala
    Sometimes I've gotta thank friends and acquaintances for awesome recommendations. This is such a moment. WHY I DIDN'T HEARD THIS BAND BEFORE?! Fatso Jetson is amazing.
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  • Avatar for nomasruffo
    This is so good shit, man, you must listen to them
  • Avatar for ndeselms
    These guys kinda remind me of a southern version of the Minutemen for some reason. [2] Man this is totally true. I'm really digging this band. Such great guitar playing and such cool songs.
  • Avatar for TIWL
    Vote up! [url=]First[/url], [url=]Second[/url], [url=]Third[/url], [url=]Fourth[/url], [url=]Fifth[/url]
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  • Avatar for Dadipo
    You can listen a track from Male di Grace debut album with Mario Lalli from Fatso Jetson as special guest!! The full album is in free download here:
  • Avatar for Aleksandryuki
    more bands need "Fatso" in their name [3]
  • Avatar for kyusslover
    God these guys are great.
  • Avatar for mefurgly
    Saw these guys open for a then unknown Queens of the Stone Age in 1998. They slayed it. Amazing they have half a million plays on now, as they are essentially a "hobby band". Sheesh Boomer, play music for a living dude.
  • Avatar for Tram-nl
  • Avatar for HenkeRock
    Having been able to go thru a couple of albums. I really prefer the Toasted albums the most so far. Not saying the others are bad or anything but damn I like Toasted!
  • Avatar for HenkeRock
    Hear dthis band for the first time this evening. and I really liked what Ive heard so far.
  • Avatar for de-ca-dent
    [group]Whisky Flavoured Sounds[/group] - connected artist.
  • Avatar for Vidrio
    I love these guys REALLY LOTS
  • Avatar for shawnevans
    Stinky Little Gods is the perfect way to start any day.
  • Avatar for shawnevans
    These guys kinda remind me of a southern version of the Minutemen for some reason.
  • Avatar for VinnieIcius
    Archaic Volumes is their best i think. Flames for all and Stinky Little Gods are great too.
  • Avatar for Nerolus
    Any redditors around here? I started a Desert/Stoner rock subreddit to share your favorite pictures/interviews/songs. Come visit and help me kick off a good listening community :)
  • Avatar for Jonchino
    how can this be stoner rock? its not psychedelia at all like kyuss for example. stoner rock means droney, meditative music that sounds "stoned". just because they are from the same place like kyuss don't means there music is in the same genre. the palm desert scene includes more than stoner rock! fatso jetson is a cool mix of blues rock, hard rock and a little bit jazz. I call it desert blues :)
  • Avatar for iStoner1337
    Archaic Volumes is the shit .. !! it's Fatsotastic :D
  • Avatar for SpaceCadet1
    more bands need "Fatso" in their name [2]
  • Avatar for Sundays_Slave
    more bands need "Fatso" in their name
  • Avatar for Tarantaniel
    Best band ever Really!
  • Avatar for fxofxs
    Hi ! Cheers from France. Peace. Check out my bands music if you want : / and /
  • Avatar for olin1981
    check the new album from "pyrior" a stonerband from berlin. great suff
  • Avatar for RobixXx
    One of the best albums this year. All the tracks on it are just damn good. Lots of variation & influences. A highly distinctive brand of desert rock.
  • Avatar for mefurgly
    ok Mario, Tony, Larry. Time to leave the day jobs and go on tour!
  • Avatar for silentEviL_
    описание блеск!
  • Avatar for zengiz
    Come to London, England!
  • Avatar for SpaceCadet1
    It's good to have them back B)
  • Avatar for DenisFuzz23 - Russian Stoner Rock \m/
  • Avatar for Margelle
    love You guy's!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for nothingface0
    O.O !
  • Avatar for OskMaz
    New stuff is just amazing...
  • Avatar for greg-fish
    Here's my review of Archaic Volumes: Feel free to check it out.
  • Avatar for thejackyl
    digging the new album
  • Avatar for alrickr
    New album is FUCKING AWESOME!
  • Avatar for obscenelygreen
    Fucking hell that crept in under my radar.
  • Avatar for Dakins
    New album is good [3]
  • Avatar for levi-
    New album is good
  • Avatar for StonedJesus
    drinkin' mode is one of the worst songs I've ever heard... quite confusing that the rest of the album is quite good
  • Avatar for AfafaDePayaso
    next to kyuss, this is my favorite band from tha tside of town. no one does it better. all their records are good but flames for all is FUCKIN awesome. some asshole stole tha tfrom me years ago & i havent been able to find it around, damned mans ruins
  • Avatar for thejackyl
    @alviladog: Lyrics would make it better.
  • Avatar for SonOfThirteen
    Toasted is fucking weak.
  • Avatar for SpaceFarm
    New album out this year: Archaic Volumes. Can't wait.


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