• ENCOMIUM (Extreme Underground 'zine) о "Cornered"

    9 Jan 2011, 09:28 by Christophor

    ENCOMIUM (Extreme Underground 'zine) о "Cornered" -
    "Hailing from Moscow Fatal Band presents us a quite strong & tough sounding debut material. "Cornered" consists of 7 short but rather furious tracks. The basic riffs were precisely injected by a technical & fusion-like alloy, which I found very impressive, 'cause each song has something to say with its abstract riff-structures & drum patterns. Even the cover version of Six Feet Under's "Torture Killer" comes in a special, slow & mind-torturing way. The nearly 20 minutes long EP features some really heavy & blasting cuts filled up by complex, progressive yet -like moments, especially in songs like "The Antisymbol" and "Million Names, Thousand Eyes" one can hear those elements to be maximally materialized. On the other hand, we have songs such as "It's All Over"…