• ..Rockstorm.. (Maldives)

    5. Dez. 2007, 7:15 von SatanicGod

    It was a hit! The rockstorm Chapter 1(rock ur senses), with a line up of a young and talented band, serenity dies.. with fasy and stigmata. The night was awesome. The crowd was awesome. The music played by serenity dies. Mostly thrash metal. Well what to say. It was thrash metal. The first maldivian thrash metal genre band. And then comes fasy. Mostly and one man band with vocalist/lead(fasy) a bassist(ibbe) and a drummer(ibbe). Where solos are been generated for the extreme. later now known as Fasylive with a line up of fasy (vocals, leads), addo (bassist) and ibbe (drummer).. Rocked the rockstorm pretty wild. Then came the stigmata. A heavy metal band. A line up of lankans who were a hit in the show. The show came to a thrill and they had a chapter two of the rockstorm(freak ur senses) and around this december they are gonna explode the chapter three.
    Serenity Dies Fasylive Stigmata