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  • Avatar for versionfiv
    so, new album anytime soon you kraut bastards ?
  • Avatar for Herr_Liddell
    Just stumbled upon this band, JESUS FUCKING CHRIST! THEY'RE AMAZING.
  • Avatar for Mithraseele
    Excellent \m/
  • Avatar for Unknowndarkgirl
  • Avatar for brutalluis
  • Avatar for AliveAsTheDead
    amazing band that I've never given the proper attention to, despite returning back to the album through the years. I am always impressed by their first full length. Time to hear their other material!
  • Avatar for TobogganOfHate
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    good, it is almost overdue.
  • Avatar for Mors-aeternum
    "No, we hold no endless hibernation! The farsot-machinery is still running cozy and yet effective. A few songs for the successor of "Insects" are already written as well as a bit more. Keep your patience and be prepared for the next things to come!" August 2014 Farsot FB-Page
  • Avatar for 40belowsummer
    I hope these guys will be making more good atmospheric / progressive black metal stuff, doesn't matter in which language.
  • Avatar for Dezstruction78
    <3 this but Insects left something to be desired.
  • Avatar for Samoroth
    I like the debut more, but Insects is not bad.
  • Avatar for afz902k
    Unholy shit! This immediately blew my face off and into abyssos.
  • Avatar for LORDINFERNO666
  • Avatar for limbonic-art666
    Incredible music, found them through the similar artists page of Secrets of the Moon.
  • Avatar for Mithraseele
    Fabulous German Black Metal Band \m/
  • Avatar for Lefkandi
    “Le Jardin Des Mémoires” it’s an avantgarde metal band, focusing on the emotional side of the composition.In a vibe of Novembre,Katatonia,Anathema,Alcest and last but not least Klimt 1918.Please visit our site and download the album now!!
  • Avatar for Coketrain
    IIII is pretty decent.
  • Avatar for CellaDoorFreak
    Grandioser Auftritt auf dem SUMMERBEEZE! Danke mal wieder für Thematik: Trauer Live!
  • Avatar for sving_penduium
    Join this group [group]Technical Black Metal[/group]
  • Avatar for CellaDoorFreak
    Leider wurde die Aggressive Progressive Tour 2012 abgesagt :(
  • Avatar for Dezstruction78
    IIII end of story. @bierausdemfass Welcome to the club I'm already obsessed. <3
  • Avatar for Isselhorst
    Hmmm, nice merch here:
  • Avatar for airyn_93
  • Avatar for versionfiv
    its just a drastic change.
  • Avatar for erotic_brain
    fantastic atmosphere...
  • Avatar for Kaltenhoenn
    German language is one of the best in case of atmosphere, despite heavy sounding.
  • Avatar for Dezstruction78
    I do like Insects but IIII is simply gorgeous. Also I do prefer the German lyrics even if I don't understand them because it has such feeling. All in all this band is AMAZING!!!
  • Avatar for SilentPoet82
    [group]Die 1. deutsche Rock-Liga[/group] ist wieder gestartet! Jetzt abstimmen!
  • Avatar for true_eZKatoN
    Insects is a good album. [2]
  • Avatar for Kaltenhoenn
    Insects is a good album.
  • Avatar for MarkTheMighty
    Like Flakes Of Rust is a fuckin' epic tune
  • Avatar for MasterStryke
    absolutely amazing. seen them live yesterday and they are soo good.
  • Avatar for Drakemirow
    i would really like to know why they changed from german to english. not that i dislike that. i just think that this is not that usual to a german black metal band. are there any interviews or comments on that?
  • Avatar for tim4tw
    "Schlecht ist was Anderes. Klingt aber deutlich anders als der Vorgänger., nicht wirklich was ich von Farsot erwartet hätte." Kann ich so unterschreiben. Mochte den Vorgänger sehr gerne, und muss mich wohl erst noch in Insects reinhören. Finde es sehr interessant auch wenn es etwas an Black Metal verloren hat.
  • Avatar for summoning89
    new album is amazing
  • Avatar for tim4tw
    Waaaaaaaas? Von Deutsch nach Englisch? Und "Thematik: Trauer" in voller Länge ohne mich?
  • Avatar for LusitanianTroll
    First thing that came to my mind when I read the new album title was Cobalt, eh.
  • Avatar for Dezstruction78
    Thematik Tod, almost makes me burst into tears. Amazing!!
  • Avatar for DukeNico
    After the first listen, I prefer the originality and raw power they had on IIII; I disagree with UndeadLetters, I wouldn't say it sounds like a lot of other bands. It has definitely lost something there, but gotten something else, perhaps a certain complexity of melodies/structures that weren't there before.
  • Avatar for Jenult
    This band is really fucking good
  • Avatar for metal-tm
    Review "Insects" (8/10) -->
  • Avatar for UndeadLetters
    Insects is boring because it sounds like a bunch of other bands, not like Farsot.
  • Avatar for Dezstruction78
    Amazing new find here. <3
  • Avatar for Afschuw
    'Insects' is not as impressive as played during their performance at Aurora Infernalis a couple of weeks ago...
  • Avatar for shiverwolf
    great new album
  • Avatar for dasmihi
  • Avatar for CellaDoorFreak
    "Insects" Release Night war klasse! Und am besten war -> Thematik: Trauer in voller länge!
  • Avatar for Resifreak
    bin wohl einer der weniger der das neue album mit ausnahme der umstellung auf die englische sprache, besser findet als ////.
  • Avatar for s3nny


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