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  • My favorite song by them isn't even in the top 15, "Savory" off the Soon EP. Criminally underrated.
  • The most underrated band EVER.
  • Deftones, Crosses and Far are all sick as hell groups
  • pretty good band! ... should've used a more noticeable band name. Love Nestle & Mother Mary, also the b-side "I'm Gone", amazing song! too bad almost no one heard it.
  • The guitarist from this band did a side project with Chino Moreno (The lead man from Deftones). The group is called ††† (Crosses) if anyone is curious.
  • Underrated band. They were amazing!
  • amazing fucking band.
  • Love this band so fucking much, all i've been listening in the past month. Wish these guys didn't break up again.
  • Water and Solutions took awhile before people started giving it recognition. I can see the same happening for At Night We Live.
  • I heard they called it quits abut 2 years ago.
  • Is Far still together? I remember seeing them in Hollywood when Thursday played their 'War All The Time' show and I've been itching to see them again since. Would be a shame if they were defunct.
  • это бля так охуенно, что слов бля нет [2]
  • well beach, maybe upon first listen I might understand a comparison like that, I've just never been much a weezer fan. hope you dig though, these dudes have awesome to me since 99
  • Thier most popular song is a cover of an R&B song and uses auto-tune.. how sad :'I
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
  • "can anyone upload 'Sweat A River, Live No Lies'? would be awesome" x2
  • It's slightly silly that Pony is at the top & a crime that Job's Eyes is not even in the top 15
  • So I'm listening to Water & Solutions for the first time ever right now...does it cause a shitstorm to state they sound like a heavier, better version of 90s Weezer?
  • "disbanded. again." NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(
  • love love love.
  • dear enemy!
  • from Wikipedia - "On June 27, 2011, Jonah Matranga went on theFIVE10 Radio and said that it was not likely Far would be getting back together. He cited several problems but mainly that there was just "too much drama." WTF.
  • i really hope you're mistaken..
  • ftm
    disbanded. again.
  • for the love of god is skybound an actual release by far or is it a damn joke
  • the system... The System... THE SYSTEM...
  • enjoyed the new album when it came out, but just listened back to W&S for the first time in a while and its far better. no duff tracks, which unfortunately does crop up sometimes with Jonah's solo stuff. top guy though!
  • Just found out about these guys yesterday, and damn AM I GLAD I DID!
  • Listening to "Tin Cans..." for the first time in about 10 years. Still fucking amazing.
  • New album is reeeeaaaaalllllll good. (Yeah, pony is kinda crap!). Thank you - Far are beautiful.
  • "Far frontman, Jonah Matranga, has stated the title track "At Night We Live" from their 2010 album, is inspired by a dream he had, shortly following a hospital visit to see Chi Cheng."
  • will haven as a similar artist? weird. maybe the deftones and even that's pushing it.
  • Amazing music
  • pony is a stupid ass song
  • "At Night We Live" is amazing!
  • Compared to Water & Solutions, their new album is pretty embarrassing. Why a band that has remained under the radar for literally its entire existence, would try to recreate themselves as this huge production arena rock monstrosity, is totally beyond me. You can't beat a dead horse back to life.
  • old stuff sounds like sunny day real estate also..so its awesome!
  • wow, pretty amazing, i mean, awesome!
  • I really wish I could be more excited about the new album, but it's just not that great.
  • I got into ANWL instantly but I can see why some people / older Far fans might think it's a bit generic. Are their albums Listening Game and Quick any good?
  • At Night We Live seems kind of generic at first. After a few listens, it's awesome. Great return for this band. [2]
  • At Night We Live seems kind of generic at first. After a few listens, it's awesome. Great return for this band.
  • Alter The Press! - Album of the Year 2010 #4. Far - At Night We Live It's really amazing! Congraturation!! They deserve it !!!
  • At Night We Live :D
  • FAR is back... hell yeah..
  • Old stuff is so good...W&S is one of the best albums ever made.
  • Who the Fuck is "Far"??? o.O Really new for me, but i LOVE it. :) At Night We Live is an amazing, amazing, amazing Album :-O Far rocks!! And the old Stuff seems to be even better? Wow :)
  • Water & Solutions is awesome. reminds me a bit of old weezer stuff, only better...fuck. where has this band been in my life?
  • new album. a few solid moments, but mostly just too modern rock sounding. it's like they have a cool direction going, then change to something bland. nothing will ever top Water & Solutions I'm afraid.


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