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  • Avatar for Q459
    New ep out, and he's working on his debut album :)
  • Avatar for genee_rave
    The Trap!!
  • Avatar for durbanizable
    the trap <333
  • Avatar for greysky
    new track! 45 mins in!
  • Avatar for genee_rave
  • Avatar for Cordett
  • Avatar for statexnewforms
    Fantastic Mr Fox will be performing at State-X New Forms festival 2012 in the Netherlands on 14/15 december!
  • Avatar for Ephemere_music
    Power !
  • Avatar for Auth3ntic89
  • Avatar for celexicdream
    can't believe I didn't catch the new EP. San'en is absolutely delicious.
  • Avatar for 6630RPY
    Both his own production, as well as his mixes are top notch. Strongly recommending his Guardian Mix
  • Avatar for sexbobomb91
    San'en is all kinds of awesome.
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    Harmless, mostly in a unique way. [2]
  • Avatar for DavidM_
    Harmless, mostly in a bad way.
  • Avatar for Weirdelves
    San'en is a White Noise pick -
  • Avatar for kasztan110
    average for me
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    New EP is epic stuff.
  • Avatar for l0vemusick
    His best work to date and definitely worth the wait. I can’t imagine any other release from the scene will be THIS strong this year. Fantastic Mr Fox - San'en EP gets 9/10. Here's the review:
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    Yesterday's Fall is absolutely incredible. Soo good.
  • Avatar for owenxiansheng
    @amerieee YES! well done for scoping these. although they don't really hold a candle to Evelyn, they are still a step in the right direction. just cos your doing a degree doesn't mean you can't put an album out at the same time Mr Fox, god! some people...
  • Avatar for amerieee
    Fantastic Mr Fox - Yesterday’s Fall/ San’en
  • Avatar for greysky
    ALBUMPLZ [3] his EPs are so flawless, need more baaad!
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    ALBUMPLZ [2]
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    Mr Fox, if you release an album I will personally hand you monies.
  • Avatar for FabseFnH
    To heavy for me. :D
  • Avatar for amerieee
    he needs to release an album, indeed!
  • Avatar for no-thanks
  • Avatar for Nyxtigersia
    mr fox remix for hyetal is spot on
  • Avatar for jaydeahoy
    boiler room set was big!
  • Avatar for WhatCat
    Probably my favorite producer around right now. Need new tracks to play! :(
  • Avatar for marnieho
    ah yeh, totally was having a chat to you one night at dorothyyyy in melbourne! xxxxxx
  • Avatar for D-Rex190
    Whistle Whistle,Whistle Click, click
  • Avatar for tree_angle
    really fantastic
  • Avatar for krejzol
    really great!
  • Avatar for nimbletimble
  • Avatar for Toadmang
    This is really good.
  • Avatar for moonedshoes
    My God indeed
  • Avatar for sannewee
    my god. this is good.
  • Avatar for Dreamsabout
    best ep of 2010
  • Avatar for ThoughtAdjuster
    needs more material out
  • Avatar for AFatalCure
    secretpassage wrote: 17 days ago fuck yes
  • Avatar for break22
    Fantastic new ep!!
  • Avatar for no-thanks
    ep on repeat!
  • Avatar for craigus12
    new ep is very good [2]
  • Avatar for stanl3y2
    yeah its cool
  • Avatar for Merowinger110
    New ep is very good.
  • Avatar for corygibbons
  • Avatar for ldexterldesign
  • Avatar for -TwoHeadedBoy-
    Can't wait untill the new release, the snippits on soundcloud are sick. Also, check this out :)
  • Avatar for coffeeandpigs
    anybody know when the new EP is planned for release?


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