• Best / Worst.

    23 Feb 2007, 12:45 by UncleSam3k

    1. Obtest
    Best: Auka Seniems Dievams - Backbone of my religion.
    Worst: Myth of Poor Souls - Old, english song..bah...

    2. Diktatura [Diktatūra]
    Best: Kilt - Inspires to kick some asses. xD
    Worst: Šok - Dunno... I listen it rarely.

    3. Fanarai
    Best: Nugalėti! - Globalization problem.
    Worst: Traumos - Violence.. crap.. xD

    4. Garbage
    Best: Metal Heart - Nice lyrics.
    Worst: Androgyny - Wtf????? Is it Pop-song?

    5. Perkele
    Best: Heart Full of Pride - Love from first sight.
    Worst: My Home - Simple, simple song.

    6. Rob Zombie
    Best: Two Lane Blacktop - NFSU SOUNDTRACK!!!
    Worst: Thunder Kiss'65 - Oldie... xD

    7. Angis
    Best: Nešk, brolau, kovon - Songs of War. Always adored.
    Worst: Ten kur dangus paliečia jūrą - I cant hear the voooocals...

    8. Dope
    Best: Die motherfucker Die - way to spurt out all my agression.
    Worst: Four More Years - This one for criticizing mr. Bush. ^.^

    9. XESS