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Fall Out Boy

Saturday (3:53)


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  • So much nostalgia! (: [3]
  • What's with the screamo vocals in the background?
  • So nostalgic
  • dont you dare post someone else's shitty remake of this song. its perfect, leave it alone.
  • My ringtone for 3 years.
  • Wow :o who's screaming on this?
  • Saturday ~ ♥
  • So much nostalgia! (: [2]
  • So much nostalgia! (:
  • Love this.
  • Is it just me or is there a bit of the Fernando Alonso about Pete?
  • fave fob song hands down <3
  • my absolute favorite Fall Out Boy song! :]
  • its saturday lolz and they are playing this song
  • only song i like by fall out boy.
  • I'm good to go too Patrick.
  • Two more weeeeks <3 Awesome.
  • awesome!
  • For the love of FOB <3
  • Actually listenable
  • This will always be the greatest FOB song. Ever. <3
  • caturdaay n_n
  • I listened this song on Saturday :D !
  • !!!!!!!!
  • nice screams.
  • thats nice
  • Amazing Track.
  • Definitely Not the Best FOB song..Great though..Prefer "My Heart is the Worst Kind of Weapon"
  • favorite song in the universe
  • my favorite song back in the day. i loved their style in take this to your grave seirosuly amazing
  • ,,And I read about the afterlife, but I never really lived more than an hour". Awesome song <3 Love FOB so much.
  • Love this song so f***ing much.
  • amazing
  • Best song off their best album.
  • Luv Fall Out Boy ^^ <3
  • off their best cd.
  • easily their best song.
  • thier best song. love it to death.
  • i'm good to go =)
  • I fucking LOVE picking up the change to this song. Ninja spin kicks ftw!! Hate mosh all DAY
  • To be honest, I didn't really think much of this song when I first it (on a Warped Tour Comp several years back) but it grew on me like cancer.
  • best 1
  • I'm good to go and I'm going nowhere fast! <3
  • this song is amazing i listen to it all the time!!!!!!!
  • this is their best song. love it so much
  • brilliant to see live, especiaaly the screams at the end :D
  • <3 love love love <3


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