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-Falak a Pakistani Singer given super hit song "Rog" gave him overnight popularity in 2007-2008+Falak a Pakistani Singer Basically i belong to lahore and also got my eductaion from Lahore.In ninties there was Junoon band everywhere so i started doing music after watching them,especially their song "Mukh giyay",changed my way of thinking.Before the release of my first video i kept on performing underground which really polished my musical skills and gave me confidence.
 +Nowdays without hardwork and dedication artist cant succed in music field.In start of my music career lot of singers discouraged me but i kept on doing hardwork due to my passion for this profession.I faced lot of financial problems because i belonged to a middle class family.Iam in the field of music from 2004,from that time i always wanted to release a good music video but non-availability of adequate budget was biggest hinderance in my project,atlast my first video "Rog" released in December 2007 and by the Grace of God is still topping the music charts.

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Falak The Band is a South Asian fusion rock band from Toronto, Canada. They caused a stir in the Pakistani Music world in early 2007 when they got blacklisted on MTV Pakistan. After having aired the music video for their song 'Yadein II' for a couple of months, the tv channel deemed it too controversial because of its images related to the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center in New York. Falak was supposed to open a park concert for some of Pakistan’s biggest acts in front of thousands in February 2007, but organisers abruptly cancelled the event after MTV decided not to air the video. The news about the censorship generated a good deal of media attention for this relatively unknown Toronto-based group. The video showed flashbacks to flying lessons, farewell videos and letters, open maps, airport security screening and takeoff. The video ends with the famous pictures of a plane that crashes into the second World Trade Center tower in New York. Their debut album “Standard Issue” is released now. Band line up: Farid Khan - Lead Vocals / Guitars Siddiq Mohammad - Lead Guitars / Vocals Jamie Robinson - Lead Guitars Zaed Maqbool - Drums / Vocals Shibil Siddiqi - Bass / Vocals Raheel Gauba - Keyboards