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  • Avatar for N-Tony-ru
    Новый альбом крут! Вторую неделю не отрываюсь
  • Avatar for Split_thunder
    неплохо, но могли бы лучше
  • Avatar for verdingo
    vv just wipe it off with a cotton bud and continue listening dude xD
  • Avatar for ketamineface
    Hang on a bloody minute. There was an amazing album released in 2015? WOW! It's a shame I cant listen to it twice as my ears are already filled with cum. Maybe I should wait for 20 minutes or so.
  • Avatar for Stretchryan
    Gig in Berlin was fantastic - if anyone wants to swap a standing ticket for the 17th In London for the 18th in London - let me know
  • Avatar for born-in-hell
    Gag seller shut up! Mind your own frigging business!
  • Avatar for MetalRock1989
    Thanks for amazing show in Poland and come back again!!!
  • Avatar for vals81
    Here photos and impressions of the Berlin show:
  • Avatar for punkrockwarlord
    what is their best album and why is it angel dust?
  • Avatar for bEATWEAKer
    Hipsterfork should keep their irrelevant opinions to themselves.
  • Avatar for Cheekeemunkee
    FNM just continues on like they never left. Sol Invictus doesn't seem to try to be anything, it just is another classic album. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about it after loving (Mike Patton's) Tomahawk's "Oddfellows" as much as I did..........but Patton manages to keep each of his projects (?) unique.
  • Avatar for FrankPerla
    Best return album EVER!
  • Avatar for delta5seven
    new album is stellar
  • Avatar for deadgrandma
    Pitchfork say 6/10. Were not allowed to like it now.
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Sol Invictus is an outstanding 2015 album.
  • Avatar for GodofDeathMetal
    Good heavy metal!
  • Avatar for Stretchryan
    Also if anyone is interested in swapping a standing ticket for the 17th of June in London for one for the 18th let me know - thanks
  • Avatar for Stretchryan
    Anyone know who the support band in Berlin is next week?
  • Avatar for Ichthyander
    Sol Invictus is Album of the Year! ))) (2)
  • Avatar for henriiquecrvg
    Mudei de ideia, melhor álbum da década agora
  • Avatar for VerbalImaginary
    In terms of metal, I really think Faith No More is one of the most influential bands since Zeppelin. So many bands have taken parts of FNM's style or even completely ripped it off like Mushroomhead.
  • Avatar for olegkrasnov
    Sol Invictus is Album of the Year! )))
  • Avatar for Truja
    Happier Faith No More
  • Avatar for sevenlee7
    "Is it me or «Superhero» seems to be trying so hard to rip «Epic» off?" Nope, just you.
  • Avatar for Coolbutlame
    Sol Invictus is way too good to be a comeback album. What the heck. This band can do no wrong.
  • Avatar for Ichthyander
    da müssen aber system of a down sowas vonn heftig nachlegen, ich bin gespannt... .-)
  • Avatar for Ichthyander
    "...Leader of men Leader of men Get back in your cage Will you be one of them?..."
  • Avatar for olegkrasnov
    New album is very amazing!
  • Avatar for henriiquecrvg
    Sol Invictus é o álbum do ano e creio que esse título ngm vai tirar
  • Avatar for Ichthyander
    voll krass!
  • Avatar for Ichthyander
    new album is amazing... it grows and grows...
  • Avatar for JarOfLies-
    Sol Invictus might be a bit short but nevertheless, great album!
  • Avatar for lebital
    Is it me or «Superhero» seems to be trying so hard to rip «Epic» off?
  • Avatar for Ichthyander
    new album is sooooooooooooo good!
  • Avatar for Ichthyander
  • Avatar for ssageht
    Sol Invictus get's better the more often I listen to it. Great Album.
  • Avatar for FrankPerla
    Sol Invivtus is growing and shining on me more and more on each listening, i like it!!
  • Avatar for bigkajamma
    Nice meme :V)
  • Avatar for Glauco_Silva
    Crappy new album (my 1st listen).
  • Avatar for stubadubb
    this thing gets better and better with each listen. It is not anything like I imagined and at the same time it is just what I expected. Such a great release.
  • Avatar for TehSpiral
    solid new album.
  • Avatar for jj8937
    Sol Invictus review:
  • Avatar for Cat_007
    may be 6/10, good comeback
  • Avatar for Shaunography
    Listening to a new Faith No More album is surreal. It's a weird feeling, albeit a great one! They always said that they wouldn't make new music unless they felt that they still had something to say, on a musical level, and it seems like they weren't lying.
  • Avatar for Ichthyander
  • Avatar for GenericMagnetic
    Blows my mind that this was released 18 years from their last album. They sound like they've barely aged at all.
  • Avatar for mybrainsboiling
    good job, indeed
  • Avatar for DStudd90
    One the best "comeback" albums ever.
  • Avatar for NinnyHonestLiar
    I've never been so satisfied with a brand new record by an 'older' band like now. BUY SOL INVICTUS!!
  • Avatar for jrs1991
    The new album is really great


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