• Fairport @ Middlesbourough, April 2005

    12 Jan 2008, 23:18 by queeniefox

    The train journey to Middlesbrough was quite nice and although I had a bit of a panic about trying to find the venue (and then the fact that the box office had lost my tickets and had to write me out new ones) we got to the Town Hall alright. The gig was in the 'crypt' (ooer) and didn't have proper seating, just chairs round tables so it was pretty informal. Because we got there so late one of the stewards put out a table for us and two other latecomers right at the front! So obviously my first thought was 'arg, not again!' because Poynten had been quite weird to be honest. But we were at an angle so we weren't really in anyone's eye line (though we weren't exactly ignored - more of that later) and we were over on Ric's side of the stage anyway so I could grin like a fool at Chris without actually being seen which is a Good Thing! Did get a smile from Ric though. :) Before the gig unevendays got some merch:
    Ellie: *puzzled* Some bloke just told me I was making a good choice.
    Me: Er, that was Simon Nicol...?