• Brilliant pianists I've seen live: Fabrice Eulry

    26 Feb 2008, 11:15 by Musiclectic

    I've decided to start a series of journal entries about artists, and more specifically pianists whose concerts I've attended and who, in my opinion, deserve far more attention than they're currently receiving, at least from what I can tell by looking around me.

    This first attempt is devoted to Fabrice Eulry, a French boogie-woogie and jazz pianist. If my memory doesn't fail me, the first time I heard about him was at the annual international Boogie-Woogie Festival in Brussels (this is a link to the latest edition, which however did not feature him), where he played a boogie-woogie version of "Jingle Bells" among other things. I was delighted to see him perform again later with Claude Bolling at another festival.

    But enough with memories, let's speak a bit more about Mr. Eulry's music and shows. Fabrice Eulry plays jazz and boogie-woogie, and also likes to cover classic anthems of various genres, ranging from Take five (originally performed by The Dave Brubeck Quartet), which he blends with . …