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FOX LOCO PHANTOM is a indie band from Tokyo which combines elements from new wave with disco-punk and garage-punk sound. They've been formed in June 2007. On November 21st 2007 they released their first album "Hyakkaryoran", which has songs in japanesque style, but also faster punk songs. On January 27th 2008 they released their first mini album "INTERMISSION" which could only be obtained at concerts and was sold out soon, just as their tour final one-man show in February 2008 at Asakusa KURAWOOD. In March 2008 drummer Aiba „Andrew“ Takehiko officially joined the band and replaced their support drummer peco. On May 25th 2008 they participated in "RISING SUN ROCK FESTIVAL 2008" in Ezo. Their second album "CHAOTIC MONSTER" was released on July 16th 2008 coming along with their tour named "MONSTER A GO-GO!" with 47 tour dates and a tour final at Shimokitazawa CLUB251. Two days after this release, on July 18th, they released another (demo) album "lonely vacation", which was also only available at their shows and featured tracks like "VELVET SLIDER" or "KICK ME OUT", which were re-released on official releases later. During that tour they have released many demo singles and maxi singles, including "シンメトリー" (Symmetry), a split single with befriended cold kitchen, "HEDI SESSIONS" or "TAXI DRIVER". In November 2008 they had another one-man show as an additional performance of the tour at Osaka AtlantiQs.
From January 2009 on they had a monthly event called "Kanjou X-Ray". On May 15th 2009 they released their album "PUBLIC EYE", a TOWER RECORDS only release, followed by their tour "GENERIC EYE" and the tour final one-man show at Shindaita FEVER. Shortly after that, in November 2009 they released their first full album "Gimu gimu no mori" on "HOME BIRD JAPAN"/"PCI MUSIC" also coming along with a tour and a special 100 people limited one-man live at Shimokitazawa Daisy Bar In February 2010. In April 2010 their drummer Aiba „Andrew“ Takehiko left the band. For concerts Kenichi Tokunaga joined them as support drummer.
In 2010 they had several live distributions, such as "Rebellion of Flowers EP" followed by their mini album "SHADOW" in July 2010 and a release tour. At the end of 2010 they released "GARDEN", another mini album. During that time they announced that guitarist Ryo Saito is going to leave the band, but support drummer Kenichi Tokunaga will be a new member, while Suichi Ryousuke will be their support guitarist.
Still suffering from those member losses, they had their "GARDEN tour final oneman show at Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO" in January 2011 , which was also the last one before their hiatus.
In January 2012, after being on hiatus for one year they announced their comeback with the comeback show at Shimokitazawa CLUB251 "FOX LOCO PHANTOM NEVER DIES ~人間復活~ ", but the band decided to continue as a trio. Singer Tatsuyoshi Yoda, guitarist Yoshii Izumida and bassist Hideo Nekota. For concerts and recordings they have support members from TEXAS STYLE and GAUCHE.
In 2012 they had several shows and played at several festivals, such as "ETERNAL ROCK FESTIVAL". Currently they are recording songs for a new release.

"After a surging wave of almost 60 shows for their release tour of their previous album, they booked big venues in Tokyo and Osaka all by themselves. FOX LOCO PHANTOM has a wide range of song styles, and the highlight of their existence; their live shows have an addicting quality to them. They are big on getting the audience drunk from alcohol and drunk with their addictive rock/punk sound. The band is comprised of 5 members.

The fuckin' crazy,heretical,and abnormal band.
The band's live performance is bursting with madness."

Vocals: 依田達義 / Tatsuyoshi Yoda / Birthday: 03/01 / Birth place: Adachi-ku
Guitars: 泉田吉伊 / Yoshii Izumida / Birthday: 02/01/ Birth place: Aizu-Wakamatsu
Bass: 猫田ヒデヲ / Hideo Nekota / Birthday: 01/01/ Birth place: Hiroshima

Support Members:
Drums: 大宮洋介 / Ookiya Yousuke (also known as HAZE, former support drummer of PICK 2 HAND,ex BRIT BANQUET)
Guitar: 椎名洋輔 / Yousuke Shiina (GAUCHE,ex BRIT BANQUET/PICK 2 HAND, school food punishment support)

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Facebook fanpage (Worldwide Support)

former members:
Support Drums peco
Drums Aiba „Andrew“ Takehiko / 相羽毅彦
Guitars Ryo Saito 齋藤亮
Drums Kenichi Tokunaga 徳永謙一 (ex zany)
Support Guitars. Suichi Ryousuke スイチ リョウスケ (from Royal Cabaret)
Drums 佐藤英樹 / Hideki Satou (ODK from TEXAS STYLE)

2007 Jun. FLP was formed.
2007 Nov. FLP released their 1st album“Hyakka-Ryoran”.
2008 February kitsunebi-douchuu tour final oneman show
   in Asakusa KURAWOOD
2008 Jul. FLP released thier 2nd album“CHAOTIC MONSTER”,
   and started the tour“MONSTER A GO-GO!”,extended it to 47 places.
2008 Oct. MONSTER A GO-GO! Tour final oneman show
   in Shimokitazawa CLUB251
2008 Nov. Oneman show as an additional performance of the tour
   in Osaka AtlantiQs.
2009 Jan. It is started held FOX LOCO PHANTOM presents
   "feelings X-rays" every month
2009 May. mini album "PUBLIC EYE" release
2009 July. GENERIC EYE tour final oneman show in shindaita FEAVER
2009 Aug. FLP holes kanjyo x-ray in daikanyama UNIT
2009 Nov. 1st Full Album "forest of gimmu gimmu" release
2009 ..our finals Shimokitazawa BasementBar
2010 Feb. 100-limited oneman live in shimokitazawa Daisy Bar
2010 Mar. meeting place-limited sound source
   "Rebellion of Flowers EP" release
2010 Mar. Rebellion of Flowers EP release tour
2010 July. New Album "SHADOW" release
    TOUR2010"Empire of shadows"
2010 Sep. SHADOW tour final oneman show in Osaka・Fukuoka・Tokyo
2010 Nov. New Album "GARDEN" release
GARDEN release tour
2011 Jan.
2011 Jan. ~2012 Jan. Hiatus
2012 Jan. Comeback show at Shimokitazawa CLUB251 "FOX LOCO PHANTOM NEVER DIES ~人間復活~ "
2012 Dec "THE HOLE OF DR CHIROPTERA ~コウモリ博士の穴~" at Hibiya STEPWAY STUDIO
2013 Dec Second full-album "誰がために音は鳴る", Tracks for compilation "251 LIVE RALLEY 7"
2014 Feb~May Live series "爆音都市 - EXPLOSION CITY" with BYEE THE ROUND, Mohamead, Arukara & SUPER BEAVER
2015 May Oneman gig "初期衝動~浅草ライオット~" at Kurawood; Release of live limited "PIRATES EP" & "BLUE RIOT (Live CD)

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