6 Jul 2010, 17:17 by Marinko_23

  • Heartbeat

    4 Sep 2006, 02:22 by chupilka

    It's been this week, that I stayed at home, read some not-so-scientific stuff and listened to some of my favorites. From night to night I've been understanding, that I was a post-hardcore and power-pop fan. My boyfriend just said something like "Welcome in the club%". What is so terrific about being a post-hardcore and power pop fan? I'll explain.
    You are listening to The New Pornographers, they are really lovely, despite the Pitchforck gung-ho reviews (epecially in rememberance of that concert in Berlin, where they seems to be the young dreamy americans from 60s - so bright and optimistic), and you understand, that this is your choice, this not so distinguished or sophisticated or whatever music.
    Same shit with all that so-called post-hardcore. What is about At the Drive-In? Or Sparta? Or Bear vs. Shark? Or may be Chinese Stars? Or do you know something interesting about that unknown Russian group FOOJITSU? Nothing then a same rate with your heartbeat.