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  1. Losin' It was a hardcore band from South Florida influenced by such bands as Stop & Think, Carry On, Right Brigade, and Outburst. After being…

  2. United Youth is an youth crew band from Kingston, Pennsylvania.

  3. Tight Grip is no longer a band. However, thy have a new band made up of ex Tight Grip members. Check out Things Fall Apart at…

  4. 90's style metal/HC, rap metal/rapcore and now nu-metal from Chicago. Their "Enemy" demo was released in September of 2009. …

  5. http://thenewbrigade.blogspot.com

  6. Hardcore from Kansas City

  7. Detroit straight edge.

  8. St. Louis Hardcore.

  9. Hardcore band from Indiana/Kentucky

  10. Truth Inside is a Positive Hardcore band from Panama City, FL.

  11. Step Aside is a straight edge hardcore band from Tucson, Arizona. Members of Injury, Condemned, and Territory.


  12. 1. Big Mouth was a 4 piece straight edge hardcore band based out of Springfield, Illinois from 2010 until 2012.

    2. Big Mouth is a punk band from…

  13. Louisville, KY straight edge hardcore band formed in 2010.

  14. There are at least 2 bands wit this name:
    1) Straight Edge hardcore band from Seattle Washington
    2) Four slinky-synth, disco-punx from London,…

  15. Born Low is a 5 piece metallic hardcore band from Albany, NY.


  16. Seattle, WA

  17. Better Times is a straight edge band from Buffalo, NY. They take influences from such bands as Insted, Youth of Today, Floorpunch and the Gorilla…

  18. A hardcore band from Atlanta, Ga.


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