Ponyo! New trailer featuring Tina Fey! EEEEEEE!

24 Jun 2009 | from

The trailer for the new movie 'Ponyo'! It's finally here and Tina Fey is going to be voicing one of the characters! .... whats this .. Betty White is also in the film? Is this a joke? Am I dreaming? ...

I ... I think I'm going to cry after watching this trailer ...

"I'M FREEEEE!" So adorable! This was beautiful!

I am sold! And was that Tina Fey's voice at 0:49?

EDIT: That is DEFINITELY Tina Fey >_< EXCITED!!!!!

Too obsessed with Tina Fey?....

OOh snap, the movie is going to be released July 19, 2008. They better advertise this more. Miyazaki needs to get more marketing love this time around. Remember when Spirited away came out? It didn't get the kind of press you would hope the movie would get. I would assume Disney marketing wasn't so discouraged when they marketed for Howl's Moving Castle and it being ... okay. I worry because that movie was fairly marketed, it just wasn't as good as spirited away. Will Disney take a step back and not do a wide release? Better question, are people as excited to see this as I am? Spirited away was so good that people went to see it more than the Titanic in Japan. I am hoping this is something more.

In the mean time, enjoy some wallpapers!

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