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FF.C (Fortified Concept) is the first Greek hip-hop group formed back in 1987 by founder and producer Dimitris Petsoukis(Σκηνοθέτης ), mc Kostas Kourmantalas(Ρυθμοδαμαστής ) and DJ Thomas Pitkakis (dj Everlast ).
Record companies in Greece were not interested in hip-hop at the time, so they released their first album(Σκληροι Καιροι Skliri Keri/Hard Times) of 500 pieces in 1992 completely on their own funds.
Their first major album, named "Σε άλλη διάσταση - Se alli diastasi/In another dimension", hit the shelves in 1997 after siging a contract with Polygram records.
They released 3 more records under that label
-1998 "Η απειλή - H apili/The threat"
-2000 "Οχηρωμένη αντίληψη - Ohiromeni Antilipsi/Fortified Concept"
-2002 "ΥπΌψιν - Ipopsin/Keep in mind;"

After that, they ended their contract with Polygram because of censorship issues.
They, after all, had already formed their own recording label (Aντιξοες Παραγωγες/Antiksoes Paragoges)which became the foundation of various kinds of musical experiments and home to many greek hip-hop groups.
They released 2 more albums, "Κλασσικα Ηχογραφημενα - Klasika ichografimena/Classics Recorded" in 2004 and "Aντιληψιες Συνειδησης - Antilipsies sinidisis/Realisers of consciousness;" in 2005 before they split up due to Rythmodamastis' retirement from the music scene.
The rest were joined by Mistirio,Ekptotos Aggelos and Paraksenos,
forming the group Aντιξοες Παραγωγες/Antiksoes Paragoges and continue making music.

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