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  • F.T ISLAND COMING TO THE USC GALEN CENTER ON APRIL 5, 2008. *-* omg *hyperventilates*.
  • wow i love their album!! ^^
  • unfortunately, the correct one is this one, the one with only one period, lol. =_= I know F.T Island looks so funny, but what can we do? they love their Engrish. :x
  • They really need to merge this page with the F.T. Island one. I'm not sure which one is TECHNICALLY correct, (I'm guessing the F.T. one, since F.T. Island is technically an abbreviation for Five Treasure, and abbreviations are usually followed by a period) but I have both F.T. and F.T on my Top Artists and it bugs me so much. :X
  • drools* yiash so talented they are^.^
  • love them<33 so hawt.<33
  • their new album = love. <3
  • @Lenka_Kasia: you can try LOVEFT-I forums (http://z4.invisionfree.com/Five_Treasure_Island/index.php?act=idx) or sil0uette forums (http://silh0uette.the-grace.net/index.php?&&CODE=00), they're both very good for F.T Island media. :)
  • uploaded new repackaged album pictures. go vote!~
  • I loove them ^^ they're cute and talented :) btw. do you know any good site about them? with lost of pics? ;D
  • <3<3
  • pure awesomeness! <3
  • 마중!!!!
  • =__=.
  • yeah man!
  • ou ieah =)
  • They are so awesome!! *0*
  • What an awesome sound! They're one of my favorite Korean bands.
  • F.T Island p0~wa! ♥
  • I wanted resist but it´s impossible...i love F.T Island:)Talented kids.
  • c0kelog, 에프티 아일랜드 is FT Island in corean =)
  • Man, they're crazy addicting. Dx
  • I love love love love 남자의 첫사랑은 무덤까지 간다!
  • Please make your tags right. This -> http://www.last.fm/music/FTIsland is their oficial name. :D
  • F.T is love ^o^ love all their songs. and jae jin ;D
  • Um I usually see it spelled F.T Island. Neways top listener this week <3 w00t. They're too adorable!
  • I Luv FTIsland!! =D
  • 3 songs from 13? that's too bad, all their songs are great! <3
  • Like 3 songs! Good Luck Boys!
  • awesome! <3333333333
  • You should tag it F.T. Island it's the correct expression.
  • I love their first song ~~ F.T Island rocks ^^
  • Cuties!


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