• The Gray Field Recordings & Inalonelyplace in Nashville March 3rd

    7 Feb 2008, 04:55 by anticlock

    March 3rd
    @ Chez Seany Poo
    806 Kendall Dr.
    Nashville, TN

    Language of Light (Frank Suchomel of inalonelyplace and R. Loftiss of The Gray Field Recordings)
    Language of Light is the love child of Frank Suchomel of Inalonelyplace (Ethedrone Muzac) and R. Loftiss of The Gray Field Recordings (AntiClock Records).

    The music blends guitar exacerbation with the swinging good times of a lobster quadrille. It is better than a sharp stick in the eye and has a crescent fresh feeling.

    Lucas Abela (Justice Yeldham - Australia)
    Lucas Abela has been performing for well over 10 years and is one of the leaders of Australian "noise music".

    His early performances were crazed extensions of turntablism. Instead of turntables he’d use motors turning metal discs at 2000 rpm, and instead of record needles he’d use skewers or knives. He once used a glove that he had imbedded with record needles.

    Incorporating everything from trampolines to sewing machines into his performances…