• Znalezione 2011

    21 Jan 2011, 05:04 by thedumps

    01 21
    I Am Not Lefthanded The Swell Season?
    Erin McCarley pop
    F.D. Project Gotan Project
    Fever Ray Dziwne... Trochę jak flying lotus, ale z wokalami...miłe.
    Scratch My Back Tutaj My Body Is A Cage; I think It's Going To Rain Today
  • Yet Another Good Crop

    15 Nov 2010, 16:45 by ChiisaiTotoro

    Sat 13 Nov – Hampshire Jam 9

    Unfortunately this years event started with a sad announcement that Jam's Lighting Engineer had been taken into hospital after a heart attack the day before set-up. So I for one wish him and his family, that he has a speedy recovery

    The music started with Stephan Whitlan.

    A Stalwart of the electronic music scene who I feel seems to have been on the edge of receiving the full acclaim that his talents deserves for far to long.

    In his own words Stephan was travelling 'light' with only 6 synths. to work with. But this most definitely did not cramp his style.
    The eclectic mix of styles, moods & joins should have sounded terrible. But sheer talent, alchemy & dash of Irish folk meant the whole sound worked & worked well. With extracts from most of his albums, of which the track from 'K2Project' was for me the best.

    As a result he was dragged back on by an appreciative audience for an encore, which was a homage to VangelisAlbedo 0.39. …
  • AD:2009 Electronic Music Festival - A Review

    6 Sep 2009, 17:04 by ChiisaiTotoro

    Sat 5 Sep – AD:2009 Electronic Music Festival

    The Festival was hosted by Ashley Frankin (the presenter of Soundscapes on Radio Derby during the 1990's and now presents 'Solid Air' on ARFM) and was divided into 3 parts:-

    Part 1 was Code Indigo unfortunately the time just flew by as David Wright, Nigel Turner-Heffer, Neil Fellowes, & Andy Lobban gave a brimming live performance of tracks from Timecode, CHILL, For Whom the Bell & their live album from the last time they played in Derby Blue. Even when one David's synthesizers decided not to play ball, they over came with panache, style and a laugh.

    Part 2 again time evaporated as Ron Boots & Friends in this case his friends were Guitarist Frank Dorittke better known as F.D. Project & Drummer Harold van der Heijden gave a brilliant medley of tracks reflecting the full breadth of both artists F.D. Project & Ron Boots extensive collection of music.

    The final part was David Wright…