• Music discoveries of May 2010

    8 Jun 2010, 16:57 by adg211288

    My music discoveries have been few and far between for May, mainly due to my being at university and it coming to the end of the academic year. As such there is not much worth talking about here, many of my new additions to my Last.fm library have only a few plays to their name, hardly a discovery so I'll just list them at the end of this journal for completion's sake, but maybe talk about them more in the future. So without further ado let's discuss the lore meaningful finds.

    Okera is a fairly new band, having just released their first demo. This band plays a combo of , and . At times they remind me of Opeth, especially with the growled vocals they use. The three songs on their demo The Black Rain are very diverse and I look forward to hearing more from them in the future. In the meantime I am planning a review of The Black Rain for my forum, Heavy Metal Haven, which I'll probably post here on Last.fm also as a journal entry. The Black Rain is available as a free download from Last.fm.
  • Urgehal kicks ass, Spearhead kicks ass, Weston Cage is a fucker

    17 Sep 2009, 17:21 by magniloth

    Wed 16 Sep – Endurance of Iron & Blasphemy U.S. Tour 2009

    Weston Cage is Nicholas Cage's son. So we're definitely dealing with a douchebag. Unfortunately his band opened for two awesome acts so I had the 'chance' to listen to them. After twenty five minutes of black metal aesthetic layered on top of hardcore breakdowns, they ended their set. I guess Cage was bored or something, because the next thing he did was go take a shit in the men's room urinal. What a bro.

    Spearhead was fucking awesome, they were just a giant assault of riffs, top notch drumming, and evil fucking vocals. Urgehal was sweet too. They, like Eyes of Noctum, used breakdowns, but they were rock 'n' roll breakdowns as opposed to hardcore breakdowns, which was much more appreciable - nor were the songs saturated by breakdowns. Really nice guys, had a good show even though there were probably only twenty of us out on the floor.

    Urgehal, Eyes of Noctum, Spearhead