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  • Avatar for WT-The-Fan
    Great nu-metal band. Way Better than some of the more overrated ones.
  • Avatar for Sanity_Theorist
    Alright, Evolve is a big step up from Impact. It's like the best elements of old Dark New Day, Alter Bridge and Submersed's first album thrown in a blender.
  • Avatar for SCOPETRIED
    Beyound The Stars & Live Loud perfect tracks
  • Avatar for Zach216
    "Evolve" is OUT NOW!
  • Avatar for xr4nd0mx
    Very solid album. Get a mix of submersed in there as well obviously. I love this album and band.
  • Avatar for kilobot6
    Great band! Can't wait for your next release!
  • Avatar for mattimek
    + Reason +
  • Avatar for NandoMenotti
    More Than Fate ♥
  • Avatar for malgoska15
    yeah... it's ok.
  • Avatar for heithfield
    As for me, they sound like Sevendust... And i like it! =)
  • Avatar for ufgatorfan92
    GREAT!! What did you expect from this collaboration of madness!! "Impact" the two disc release due out in two weeks. CAN'T WAIT!! Dark New Day on steroids!! BOOM BIDDY BYE BYE!!
  • Avatar for mikedrew73
    fucking sick!
  • Avatar for Raiiiza
    More Than Fate <3
  • Avatar for Shelsty
  • Avatar for TimMaxShift
    Wow! Наконец, сколько лет ожиданий! металкоровый Submersed :D hooray !
  • Avatar for TabooEv
    Moment of Impact is a pretty badass album
  • Avatar for whirlwindLP
    Self-Destructive is just awesome
  • Avatar for Zach216
    Bad asses!
  • Avatar for Chromath
    Fantastic album! Love to listen to this when I go for a run.
  • Avatar for jaj43123
    I hear a lot of Sevendust, Dark New Day, and Veer Union in their sound. Some Vayden as well. Still sounds pretty unique, somehow. Really like these guys.
  • Avatar for Grungi1221
    I PRAY! best song...
  • Avatar for miqsh EE for the win! \m/
  • Avatar for bassb0x
    liking "idiot" a lot
  • Avatar for rocknrosezine
    Review of Tampa, Fl. '98 Rockfest / Avalanche' show featuring 3 Doors Down, Stone Sour, Seether, TOAD, Skillet, Halestorm, Art Of Dying, Eye Empire and more...
  • Avatar for Martapz
  • Avatar for lk_clip
    when I listened to the album for the first time I wasn't impressed. After a while I decided to give it another listen and now I think this is a pretty good album. Vox reminds me of Sevendust and a little bit of Disturbed sometimes, and music has some kind of old school alt metal/nu-metal influence in it. And thats cool
  • Avatar for i618
    bull in a china shop, breaking everything, BREAKING EVERYTHING!! <3 the album
  • Avatar for the_gray_fox
    Time to finish what SubmerseD didn't.
  • Avatar for Scream-men
    Даже 1000 слушателей на насобирало Т_Т
  • Avatar for B_Hammock
    I forgot I meant to get this album last year when it was released until a few days, great album.
  • Avatar for miqsh
    Cant wait for them to release their B sides ..!!
  • Avatar for GalaSpain
    SUPER )
  • Avatar for i618
    Awesome album! [5]
  • Avatar for eXtream
    I dig it!
  • Avatar for AddictedTo
    F*cking A W E S O M E!!!!
  • Avatar for Rapha_rsd92
    Awesome album! [4]
  • Avatar for Pouwelson
    Awesome album! [3]
  • Avatar for patman47
    Awesome album! [2]
  • Avatar for lisasedge
    Awesome album!
  • Avatar for Zach216
    Pretty impressive play totals for an unsigned band basically. Hopefully they stay like that, it's a pretty good album. A band comprised of so many others, it'll take time to get great but I bet they're strong live...
  • Avatar for FERNANDO_JJ
  • Avatar for Pouwelson
    Aw aw aw aw aw AWESOME :D
  • Avatar for tiagovendetta
    Eye Empire - Moment Of Impact (2010) - best album, awesome sound and vocals, great group! +1
  • Avatar for Nyaliss
    @Zach216: Of course soon after I posted my last message I listened to the song a couple more times and then it dawned on me. I still feel like a retard, I can't count the number of times I have seen those movies. Hopefully this band sticks around awhile, I am really loving this album. Plus Lowery doesn't need to add another band to his resume.
  • Avatar for DJCosmolife
    Eye Empire - Moment Of Impact (2010) - best album, awesome sound and vocals, great group! <3
  • Avatar for Zach216
    Quote from Lethal Weapon
  • Avatar for Nyaliss
    What an epic album to end a great year of music. I love "Victim", LJ and Carpenter sound great together. Definitely need more of that. Also I recognize the sample at the beginning of "Bull in a China Shop" however I just can't place it. Anyone know where that is from? It is really bothering me at the moment.
  • Avatar for patman47
    Kick ass album! easily one of the best of 2010 to me =D
  • Avatar for Bodacen
    Альбом шикарен...
  • Avatar for Strudlif
    oh yeah baby amazing album!


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