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  • Avatar for jz___
    rohan wore a demon's souls tshirt!
  • Avatar for jz___
    and they were awesome at the sunn show
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    They're supporting Sunn O))) during March for the Melbourne show.
  • Avatar for Mykolas584
  • Avatar for silentbodom91
    "us tour canceled ;/" really unfortunate. I hope they make it up somewhat soon though. I keep remembering the show I stupidly missed back in 2011 with Ceremony, Punch, and Iron Lung :X
  • Avatar for blue-sky-noise
    us tour canceled ;/
  • Avatar for dickchappy69
    they are playing a buncha shows with foh in america, holy shit
  • Avatar for Pathogen89
    they're playing a SHOW. OH SHIEET
  • Avatar for outsider27
  • Avatar for Freenel
    gj guys
  • Avatar for gkmy
    Why no new album...? :( It's been a while
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    Anyone else reckon Rohan looks like the female bassist from Spiderbait?
  • Avatar for outsider27
    ваще ништяк
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
  • Avatar for DEATHGORE55
    loved the cold world split lp....wish there was a better rip of that lp....the one i have sounds so weak compared to the real version the band released
  • Avatar for Pathogen89
    also, i wish they'd play more shows in sydney. fuck.
  • Avatar for Pathogen89
    hmm, in regards to terminal cancer, at first i was like :\ but then i was like :D . I think i actually prefer gritty as fuck extortion.
  • Avatar for iNeonPanda
    winner of's best profile picture award
  • Avatar for xAutopsySlamx
    What is the name of the artist that did their artwork?
  • Avatar for BlakeHate
    other decent stuff out of perth
  • Avatar for Doctor-DragON
    don't think it's pw.k it is thrashcore or fastcore
  • Avatar for der_pelz
    huh? Never heard of them... Got to check out more.... \w/
  • Avatar for shanextaylor
    Loose Screws is defiantly not their best release Degenerate or Sick get my vote.
  • Avatar for s1ck_boy
  • Avatar for shitscud
    Fuck calling it "power violence", it's just straight pissed-as-fuck hardcore.
  • Avatar for skinfeast
    Loose Screws is on of the best PV records ever, easy.
  • Avatar for OptimusPunx
    watch porn and kill yourself while listening to this band
  • Avatar for jakmcmillan
    if anyone can hook me up with a copy of the agents of abhorrence split, please get in touch, thanks.
  • Avatar for mindexpunger
    New split with Cold World (vienna) stoked as fuck.
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    Time to glass yourself in northbridge.
  • Avatar for optophob1a
    Another album in the style of Extortion
  • Avatar for LessThenTom
    Time for a new album in the style of motherfucking all their albums
  • Avatar for oddexx
  • Avatar for ryanhbltz - Vote up!
  • Avatar for gkmy
    Time for a new album in the style of TERMINAL CANCER
  • Avatar for mindexpunger
    what v
  • Avatar for weendril
    "fuckin decent " Something can to be decent with " fuckin " before ?
  • Avatar for weendril
    THE BEGGININGO OF THE END , what a awesome...
  • Avatar for billies13
    Extortion , please come to Europe - Gemrnany to play live !!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for OptimusPunx
    Love this hardcore-grounded pv style like low threat profile and ultra//negative
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    Well if you're looking for stuff that isn't Extortion but similar get - Heist - Pain is Causing Life and RUPTURE - Corrupture. Perth PV/Fastcore from the 90s. You can get from the dullsville blog, run by rohan:
  • Avatar for GayHead
    Nah get Dropdead's early stuff instead (Degenerate)! x
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    @kvltguy -- Degenerate.
  • Avatar for Kvltguy
    I have Sick, what is the next thing I should get?
  • Avatar for nikudorei
    darrrrrrrrrrrrrel. Darrrrrrrrrrrrrel. Darrrrrrrrrrrel.
  • Avatar for Manoloxines
    Some wicked Ozzy noise!
  • Avatar for ColonyofMetal
    Man these guys have gone far.
  • Avatar for hugh027
    i've never met a person that doesn't like this band
  • Avatar for CosmicFugue
    what a fuckin band!
  • Avatar for ShatteredFlame
    I LOVE that dudes hair


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