• Highlights of Thrash - Part 2: Majestic solos

    26 Nov 2006, 18:43 by cylastefem

    It's hazy outside and I'm not awake yet. I'm in a train and listening to Serpent Moves on my walkman. This album has one of the most beautiful, if not the most beautiful guitar solo I've ever heard in my life. I've listened to thousands of bands, songs and solos but nothing touches my soul this much. And I crank up the volume everytime this song's playing. Anyway, the girl who's sitting across me is apparently a muslim, wearing a scarf. Just as I stand up and head to get off the train, she grabs my arm. She must've heard the solo, she asks me who I was listening to. She says she loved the music. I'm stunned and can't say anything but I'm writing down quickly Grin on a piece of paper and get off.

    It's simply a timeless solo and beautiful song (as is all Coroner songs :), flawlessly executed by Tommy Vetterli.

    Although not nearly this touching, some other all-time favorites are (in no particular order):
    - Exodus ~ Good Day to Die (2nd solo by Gary Holt)