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  1. Lightning War is a one-man cybergrind project from Worthing, England; its sole member being the ever enigmatic Lord Saevaldr. The music is…

  2. Five piece harsh noisegrind type unit based in Detroit.
    The songs were comprised of distorted guitars, NES emulator sounds, and other noises with…

  3. Kindergarten Hazing Ritual are a cybergrind band from Peekskill, New York formed in 2001.

    Besides several net released albums and split EPs, they…

  4. The Smile Adventure is a Boston grind act that began early in the year 2000. It never meant to go anywhere beyond home recordings, but much…

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  6. THE GROOVY ORPHANAGE is "A disturbing mix of child toy melody synth drama and harsh 8-bit with totally high vocals"

  7. i am from chicago. i make aggressive music. mostly in the electronic vein. if you were to categorize my music it would mostly be breakcore and noise…

  8. Noisecore band based out of Detroit. No solid line-up. Goes on hiatus regularly. Formed in 2006 as a solo project.

  9. http://werechainsaws.blogspot.com/ - for mp3s

    werechainsaws@gmail.com - for anything else

  10. Digital hardcore and mashups of various style.
    Malaria Labs is one person from Texas.
    he has released albums on BreakPop, Dramacore, and several…

  11. IGNORANT CUNT uses Fruity Loops

  12. Noisecore/noisegrind from Copenhagen.

    "Kusari Gama Kill are one of the cooler noisecore bands on the RONF label, playing a ferocious style of…

  13. GANGLiA is a one man (David Smittcamp) electronic grindcore (eGrind) band from Los Angeles, CA that started in 1999 (while the newbies were in jr…

  14. skeeter is not from new jersey

  15. Brutal Nekkro Sex is a one-man cyber grind/porno grind band.



  16. Nintendo cybergrind.

  17. All the way from Shinjuku, Japan.
    From the depths of the Yakuza underworld.
    These guys, over the past few years have become
    an evil impact…

  18. Josh Hedges is Little Mack and resides in Michigan.

  19. underground electronics from chicago
    analog, digital, videogames etc.
    ehafh is the founder of the netlabel dramacore.


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