• shuffly fun

    22 Feb 2007, 21:52 by alessaelizabeth

    I must fetch my ipod now...

    This is my favourite song right now: Shakeitup
    Is this true? Not really, I like it but it's not my favorite

    This is my least favourite song right now: Night Fever
    Is this true? Nope

    I have no idea why this song is on my music player: Bling (Confession of a King)
    Is this true? No, I know why it's there, I got the cd for Christmas

    This song makes me sad: 10 Bucks
    Is this true? Only because it reminds me that I am not at an ebe show and that makes me sad

    This song makes me mad: Summer Trippin'
    Is this true? no it's a happy song

    This song makes me happy: Smilemaker
    Is this true? Not particularly

    This song ALWAYS cheers me up: Beautiful
    Is this true? lol. Of course, it's a confidence booster

    This song brings back lots of memories: Band on the Run
    Is this true? It REALLY does. Lovely memories from my childhood, since I am so old now

    This song reminds me of my crush/girlfriend/boyfriend: Love Her
    Is this true? not quite

    This song is overplayed: The Curse