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    Got "Whitey Ford Sings the Blues" for $3 yesterday (steal) & ordered "White Trash Beautiful" online for $6...
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    @Sharp-Ton: Whitey Ford aka Mr. White - is an alias.
  • Avatar for Sharp-Ton
    Yo, Whitey Ford is an alias or just a way to say "white for"?
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    Love when he's on the Joe Rogan podcast
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    Way too underrated.
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    new song "Gaza City Blues":
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    Yeah, it's been too long since I've listened to Everlast [2] Still my personal favorite Caucasian rapper. IMO he is just as good as Eminem as an artist, mainly because he can sing and play the acoustic guitar. Even as an hip hop artist, he has spits some serious stuff in the past.
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    Изумительный музыкант.
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    Какая приятная музыка, хм...
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    Yeah, it's been too long since I've listened to Everlast
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    "дёрти" просто ахуенна
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    Stone in my hand and Kill the Emperor!! How come I haven't found Everlast's music is pretty fucking awesome before...
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    What It's Like
  • Avatar for zveropanda
    Stone in my hand!!
  • Avatar for adunaz
    angel <3
  • Avatar for AndMetal13
    make me strong !
  • Avatar for Amer1can_Dream
    They say: "God blesses every child with his own". But we all gonna die in the dark alone. Thank you Eric.
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    Stone in my hand!
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    He just tell's it like it is and that's what is needed. Thanks Everlast, Live long & strong!
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    White Trash Beautiful is so dope. I can rly feel the history behind this cd. It;s full of rage, sorrow, pain but from the other side it shows u some hope. Well, it brings some hope to My life [it;s working]. Heh, thank u and... Last forever!
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    him > eminem
  • Avatar for StickyFinga
    Thank God for that.
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    Just like Kid Rock, Everlast also went from Hip Hop to Rock.
  • Avatar for fckawe
    Everlast 12/12/2012 Jazzhaus/Freiburg Interview + gig report
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    ticket for the concert in Kiev charged 85$ but in Munich 36$)))
  • Avatar for goodW1N
    он пиздатый
  • Avatar for In_bloom_
    December 19 in Moscow)))
  • Avatar for dimon-taurus
    December 18 in Kyiv!!!! yeaaah!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for Frau_Wunder
    thank you
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    Angel ♥
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    He had an awesome podcast on the Joe Rogan Experience
  • Avatar for podgethebastard
    he is quality
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    We'd like to share with you a new interview with Everlast shot in Kiev (Ukraine) on 12th of June. Hope you will like it! / Хотим поделиться с вами новым интервью с Эверластом, которое было снято в Киеве, Украина, 12 июня. Надеемся, вам понравится!
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    What It's Like зачетная композиция
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    Please,to found the band japanese EVERLAST,click here :エバーラスト
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    tonight in Rome!
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    Только дибил бросивший кепку в Эрика вконце концерта омрачил концовку.
  • Avatar for trigger_hippie
    Минск отжог, несмотря ни на что!
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    tonight in Kiev!
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    oh yeah
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    The second url you posted is exactly the picture I want :D
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    This is awful greeny pic! and also so old. these pictures are much better:
  • Avatar for GrimReaperBG
    c'mon, he looks awesome on this one :(
  • Avatar for In_bloom_
    "let's change it!" Hell no!
  • Avatar for GrimReaperBG , let's change it!
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