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  • Avatar for Fluorian
    'Almost Home' is SO sick
  • Avatar for Frostedxflames
    I really dig dead horses its on par with almost home and wolfbiker imo.
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Love it
  • Avatar for jessyrocker
    Love this Music
  • Avatar for sangremuerto
    Dark Horses is bounce my nuts
  • Avatar for rusverm Dead Horses очень высоко оценена в критике рок песен, одна из лучших в жанре.
  • Avatar for hardcorepuppy89
    I think that they've gotten better. All bands move on from old sounds and try and make the best thing they can at that given time. And this will be theirs for a while and then they might want to make it more of something else. Bands just do what they want like do what sound they like, and everyone out there will like some part or some album from a band. But when it comes down to it, it's what the bands feeling and wanting to bring out. I think they are amazing everything they have done as been amazing.
  • Avatar for brootinho
    any of their albums beat Dead Horses
  • Avatar for Pistol-88
    New album is very best!
  • Avatar for forgotten222
    great new album
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    I thought the new album was really good. About on par with Almost Home.
  • Avatar for dcfe
    New album not so bad at all.
  • Avatar for Coolbutlame
    Am I the only one who likes that they're embracing the punk structure on the new album? They seem to be going more the route of Comeback Kid and A Wilhelm Scream and it's pretty cool.
  • Avatar for MolinRE
    Last show in Moscow was totally awesome!! Please come back with more songs from Almost Home and Dead Horses!
  • Avatar for iGOROCK32
    новый альбом збс
  • Avatar for Slim_rafa
  • Avatar for Grrrrw
    sheeetzzZzzZzZz ;x
  • Avatar for Domi_the_Freak
    The new album is really dissapointing - the last song is OK, but everything else seems so boring. :(
  • Avatar for BornInSodom_
    Never letting go.
  • Avatar for cesar_recall
    new album is good, but Wolfbiker and Almost Home are way better.
  • Avatar for Riktenkay
    Some of the clean vocals are pretty cringey (Crows' chorus, the title track, etc) but Lacuna Inc. has plenty of cleans and is just awesome. Browbeaters is probably the best track though.
  • Avatar for nms04
    the album is not bad at all!
  • Avatar for Partisane
    Meh, I don't like Dead Horses. The clean vocals were awesome when they were used punctually, but now they make up the majority of the album. Hope they'll stick to their older songs in their live sets.
  • Avatar for mat-rix
    5/5. Didn't see that coming! xD
  • Avatar for Mrozikos667
    Only knew their last before that (but hell, "Enemy Sex" is one of my favourite songs) and "Dead Horses" doesn't disappoint. This band will never be one of my most beloved, but from time to time I like to put in on my speakers.
  • Avatar for Schander
    Every rip I download is giving my file explorer a hard time... anyone else experiencing this issue as well?
  • Avatar for padavanGreg
    Fo that's very good stuff, Dead Horses rules hard.
  • Avatar for thisKJ
    @brootinho, Evergreen Terrace has prob been around longer than you have, The fact that they're still putting out music is an accomplishment in its self! The album is fking epic for where they're at in there careers. The best band I've seen live without a doubt! Emo shit? Don't' use words you don't know the meaning of & fuck Rise Records? Enough said you fucking CLOWN!
  • Avatar for Yelonas
    new album is their best one for sure
  • Avatar for Pax_Synthetic
    new album is awful
  • Avatar for brootinho
    New album is ugly emo $hit. [2] Some tracks like Crows, Mike Meyer and The Fortunate Ones are ok, but the album really isn't that interesting and some clean parts of the record are pretty awful. Fuck you, Rise Records.
  • Avatar for fnmrob123
    Is the album streaming anywhere?
  • Avatar for JavierGarciaCeb
    New album is ugly emo $hit.
  • Avatar for artem_altwave
    как же долго я ждал этот релиз <3
  • Avatar for htzr
  • Avatar for Hypn0tizeR
    Check their page and rate their albums on Hardcore Database
  • Avatar for Joka_Good_Trip
    Dead Horses!
  • Avatar for ImpressionOTB
    Потому что закрыто! Cтая собаак.. кто обидел Тамару? Глаз во лбе! Твою Лену ебошат. Что я сделал не так? Помогите рыбам! Не болтай [1] На волю бы ! На волю бы выйти ! На воле мы выпьем , а потом в АМЕРИКУ!
  • Avatar for iGrbik
    Потому что закрыто! Cтая собаак.. кто обидел Тамару? Глаз во лбе! Твою Лену ебошат. Что я сделал не так? Помогите рыбам! Не болтай
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    singer sounds like Deron Miller from CKY.
  • Avatar for fnmrob123
    Have they been playing any new songs on their Europe tour?
  • Avatar for Jorgetime
    Great gig at Resurrection Fest. It suprised me
  • Avatar for bobo9390
    pretty happy they signed to Rise. Opens to their chances of getting on bigger tours.
  • Avatar for ImpressionOTB
    На волюю бы ! На волю бы выйти ! На воле мы выпьем ! Dogfight
  • Avatar for marlondh_777
    bring a fucking new album! [11] and tour on South America! [3]
  • Avatar for FatheredOrc
    wolfbiker is okay
  • Avatar for gardner9zero4
  • Avatar for hsxeric
    I really hope they keep going despite all these lineup changes. Such a fun band to listen to and see live.
  • Avatar for joshlockwood69
  • Avatar for Schander
    bring a fucking new album! [10]


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