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  • the vocals are Kevin here not Dan....there is no Evans Blue without Kevin
  • Close the Door and lock me in...
  • i still like them no matter what
  • Madison Fan right here ! bring him back,,,you were awsome to see live,, with madison,,,
  • I think I agree with daboggess. Kevin works really well with your sound. And I get a more gutsy, emotional reaction to your music with Kevin. The new guy is really good, and sort of works. It's just, well, Kevin is better.
  • In Her Red Dress And Alone oooooo
  • arcane13, check out [url=http://www.last.fm/music/Marnie+Stern/This+Is+it+and+I+Am+it+and+You+Are+it+and+so+Is+That+and+He+Is+it+and+She+Is+it+and+it+Is+it+and+That+is+That]this[/url] album.
  • Damn you Evans Blue, Get over it and Bring back Kevin, your new guy dosnt have the any soul in his vocals, sounds like hes singing karaoke. your new lyrics dont have the same soul, depth, and clever cut to them. Parabelle, love the guys but the music dosnt match the vocals, sounds to simple and dry. Why can you guys make up and freaking get along so I can have some freaking good music like this again
  • What a long album title...
  • Perfect Song's \m/_
  • Good Songs...Better Songs...This is 1 of the Best Songs of all Times!!!
  • To those who miss Kevin, see Parabelle
  • I completely agree with canhasmusic. W/out Kevin Matisyn Evans Blue is just another sub-par band. Sad but true.
  • Kevin also wrote the songs. They'll lose their depth.
  • RIP Evans blue. I'll miss this band as long as Kevin Matisyn isn't the singer anymore.
  • bellissima
  • Great Song!
  • I was stabbed while kayaking in Alabama....
  • This band will never be the same. The new guy sucks. All of the emotion and drama in the music and lyrics is gone. I will enjoy these two albums.
  • Bite your lip and smile.. I have many holes to fill...
  • Awesome song. Great band.
  • Favorite band. Number 1 band on my list
  • Pretty good track. My buddy's played with them before, apparently.
  • great song... but somehow it reminds me about one of song by Breaking Benjamin...
  • KICK-ASS band, KICK-ASS song! ;)
  • beauty fades when she dies...
  • The lyrics are freaking amazing. I love this band. They word things perfectly
  • Fuckin greatttt...One of my favs...!
  • Song is too damn good
  • Fucking quality!
  • wow. absolutely wow is all i can say.
  • Great, great song.

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