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  • My newest discovery!
  • We need your help guys to bring back old last fm:
  • Excellent Band!!!
  • I love every single song from TMATENOV. They're so talented! I have to get the other albums now...
  • Eclipsed and Possesion are great. Unfortunately not available on Spotify, but glad to have these songs on my computer ;)
  • Evans Blue – Eclipsed крайне высоко оценена в критике рок песен, одна из лучших песен жанра!
  • Похожи на 3DG
  • Good band. Странно, что в списке похожих исполнителей они далеки от [url=] Breaking Benjamin[/url]...
  • @drochlen поясняю: есть такой стиль - альтернативный метал.
  • Хорошая группа!
  • Классные мотивы у ребят. Мне определенно нравиться
  • Крутая группа) Хороши и с новым и со старым солистом)
  • This band is pure awesomeness.
  • 100 % accurate. Chevelle is such a blast too.
  • Kevin Matisyn solo album has been released! His work on the album parallels that of Parabelle and Evans Blue. Beautiful as always.
  • Hard, melodic and "soo" dark music. Listening to them kinda reminds me watching "Prisoners" (the one with Jackman & Gyllenhaal) movie. Anyway, it's pretty worth to see. It's not the new "Se7en", but still, heavy as fu*king hell :)
  • (y)
  • Отличная группа
  • The first 2 albums was amazing alternative metal, diverse and originally artistic. After that everything they made sucked and still suck now, such a shame...
  • группа супер просто! <3 [2]
  • Amazing band, Graveyard of Empires is my favorite album now!
  • So their best albums have the least scrobblers? That's sad.
  • -This Time Its Different- NICE. (´゚ω゚):;*.
  • One of the most beautiful voice I've ever heard
  • Evans Blue for over 5 years.. don't think they'll get old... \m/ It's like, poetic tragedy with a good balance of anger. AND AMAZING VOCALS THAT CAN'T BE MATCHED. Yes. Eclipsed and Beg are my favorites still.
  • EVERY. SINGLE. SONG. IS. AN. EARGASM. How this can be possible?! Perfection.
  • Donate to Kevin's new solo album, everyone.
  • Wow, they sound very very very very original! Damn.... :P
  • Without Matisyn this band are just another boring hard rock band. Kev is a musical genius, his songwriting makes him one of the most vital musicians in modern rock, and now with Parabelle, he's continuing to make awesome music whereas Evans Blue are now just boring and unimportant...Such a shame when I think that 'The Pursuit...' is the most perfect album you could ever wish to hear :(
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  • its not kevin matysin's time.. THIS TIME ITS DIFFERENT...DAN ur voice is awesome
  • New album is fucking awesome.
  • Kevin Matisyn! That is all....
  • Evans Blue Is On Of The Best Band Of All Time But With Kevin Matysin .....Why ..???Just Look At The First And Second Album And You Can Feel It.
  • Не ну ничёшная группа )
  • i cant believe more of the new stuff isnt in the top spots ..
  • it sound like three days grace
  • The stage is still set for the revival of an anthem... and always will be...
  • wow. New album is wicked, thought it'd be bland like third album, but its harder and more emotional. Well won...
  • @flaxamax - God the new stuff is terrible. I guess the old singer made them, and broke them when he left. BTW, his new band, Parabelle, is everything you're looking for if you like of evans blue. i couldn't agree more as i listened to afew tracks off the new album today & holy shit horrible .
  • + Bulletproof +
  • God the new stuff is terrible. I guess the old singer made them, and broke them when he left. BTW, his new band, Parabelle, is everything you're looking for if you like of evans blue.
  • Erase My Scars <333
  • The Canadian Rock League (season 2) will start in the next week. You can vote in this band here [url=]Canadian Rock League[/url] Every week have a new voting! Greetings
  • охуенная группа же
  • <3
  • All of the best songs had Kevin Matisyn at lead vocals. But they're starting to come around a little.
  • Hi people!!! Please check out our band from Kazakhstan! We are SLAMEDOZER
  • Eclipsed <3


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