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  • They sometimes post updates on twitter/facebook.
  • maybe they're not sensitive anymore..
  • these mother fuckers need to release a new god damn album already for fucks sake (2)
  • these mother fuckers need to release a new god damn album already for fucks sake
  • did they die? get real jobs?
  • They probably blew out their own eardrums.
  • tour tour tour tour tour tour tour please
  • i need more
  • whatever happened to them?
  • New album please.
  • new album??
  • When are yo coming out with a new album????
  • I am dying to hear new music from these guys.
  • THIS BAND MUST MAKE MORE MUSIC! I Can't listen to the same two albums forever..,
  • 3 years... we need more guys..
  • Glad I managed to get a shirt....
  • we need new album !!
  • This band sorta disappeared.
  • I'm quite anxious for a new album. That would be splendid. It HAS been 2 years now...
  • anyone heard any news? there was going to be a new album this year, but there hasn't been any word in a long while...
  • such a great band man
  • thank you transworld magazine!!!
  • tour plockx
  • <3
  • helluva an intimate show in denton last night.
  • nice, poppy and dopey
  • Check Em out on
  • V wrong, very wrong V
  • So Gone > Evening Descends.
  • Saw this band before the starlight mints, left the show loving them far more then some measly mints. Good stuff for sure!
  • i bought an evening descends vinyl from the lead singer man after they opened for conor oberst--he was a swell guy and I think they were killer live
  • yeah, Evening Descends should have done that. I'm guessing it has to do with being on such a small label, Dead Oceans simply can't promote this genius enough.
  • Buy their cds, maybe they'll make more..
  • Their shows are really fucking cool.
  • i'm really still surprised these guys don't get more plays. i wonder if they are working on anything new.
  • This is exactly what I've been looking for.
  • The Evening Descends -- неожиданно интересно и как-то насыщенно, что с первого-второго раза и не въехать толком, нужно слушать ещё и ещё
  • The singer reminds me a lot of the singer from Cymbals Eat Guitars. The Evening Descends also happens to be blowing my mind... too good.
  • they were great in Orlando. it seemed like no one really knew who they were though =/
  • When I listen to them I have orgaisms in my ear!!!!
  • damnit i love these guys.
  • dude, you're everywhere.
  • I've seen very mixed reviews for their live act. I saw them a few months back and they rocked. There weren't many people there but it was like a Monday or something. Definitely check them out if you get the chance.
  • srsly
  • Dear, Please try a little bit harder when recommending artists to me. I've seen this band and they suck big time.
  • nice xD
  • They don't really need hype, they just need to be appreciated a tiny bit more
  • Oh man, I haven't listened to these guys since the summer, and now I remember why I was so obsessed with them.
  • srsly
  • everything from oklahoma is exactly the same as everything else from oklahoma :(


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