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  • Avatar for putzharold
    when I die I wish this song was played at my funeral [2]
  • Avatar for hf1809
    <3 it good song****
  • Avatar for HayleighRayment
  • Avatar for EmeTanatogenos
    Прекрасная девушка, волшебный голос, красивая музыка))
  • Avatar for Toocka16
    Sad but beautiful... [4] It just makes me cry.
  • Avatar for RJules3
    A song like coming home!
  • Avatar for hidoku
    it's utterly perfect.
  • Avatar for CometaV
  • Avatar for chickenwinglol
    this song is pure depression
  • Avatar for Mike_WTFsky
    when I die I wish this song was played at my funeral
  • Avatar for michiemonchy
    "But though you're still with me I've been alone all along". ♥
  • Avatar for M-a-Mahi
    there is a connection in this song!!! that i can never tear apart from !
  • Avatar for Ac__rock
  • Avatar for aoshimas
    i will always love this song u v u it's sad, but it's also so very lovely
  • Avatar for Nettacki
    A minor part of my childhood, for better and for worse.
  • Avatar for artmistress
  • Avatar for Caltra
    Rest in peace, Eddie Guerrero!
  • Avatar for shoegazefan
  • Avatar for AlaaAlsherbini
    your presence still lingers here, and it won't leave me alone <3
  • Avatar for laurie2025
    Haunting...... beautiful.
  • Avatar for Juice-net
    Amy hates it, but I like this song!
  • Avatar for NativeGirl1995
    Sad but beautiful... [3]
  • Avatar for koldin_1994
    love this song :)
  • Avatar for Aleksandra_fm
    Sad but beautiful... [2]
  • Avatar for catwithasax
    Rock version is perhaps the best.
  • Avatar for guilhermecu
    Sad but beautiful...
  • Avatar for NitaD1
  • Avatar for dazza333
  • Avatar for KonigxTiger
    I'm not getting tired of hearing it
  • Avatar for rosaliecullen77
    greatest song ever
  • Avatar for Alex_Darkness
    Just crying
  • Avatar for SadAgain
    It's beautiful song ♥ :c
  • Avatar for Merve_Lee
    100,000,000 views on Youtube ♥
  • Avatar for hf1809
    super song,<33***
  • Avatar for tuanhuiz
    it's amazing for me. thanks
  • Avatar for losttheirrworld
    @MarcT1957 It's enough when you say it once. I couldn't care less about it^^ [2]
  • Avatar for AnnChess
    I don't care how many people say this song is overrated or's still wonderful.
  • Avatar for Musik-Heart
    Music for the Heart
  • Avatar for mmatins
    the best of original Evanescence's song
  • Avatar for RickMusik1990
    My favorite song ever. *-*
  • Avatar for maizwei74
  • Avatar for Schwarzohr
  • Avatar for ThirstLight
  • Avatar for PunkyFunkyDucky
    Perhaps the most cheesiest song of all time.
  • Avatar for Laimean
  • Avatar for TemptationNight
    @MarcT1957 It's enough when you say it once. I couldn't care less about it^^
  • Avatar for MarcT1957
    i haven't changed my mind....i still want her as my next wife.
  • Avatar for gabsthimoteo
  • Avatar for tartainia
    The best "hit single" of the 21st.Century.
  • Avatar for Hansori


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