• an explanation for my personal playlist, pt. I

    29. Aug. 2014, 16:23 von Your_Old

    Here I want to explain my personal playlist that is based on lyrics. I want to explain why certain lyrics are personal to me, but I don't include some of my previous personal tracks. I want to post part of lyrics, video (if possible) and a short explanation what the song means to me.
    It's really very, very personal; one day I'm going to include it in my diary.

    1. The HauntedThe Cynic


    "Keep your sticky fingers off me,
    I hate the stench of you,
    Sickening and stale.

    The sharp synthetic lies;
    Bleach amyl, dust and sweat,
    Cold hands and shivers inside.

    Who was a victim
    And who are you to say?
    I was so much younger then;
    All these years I've kept my silence.

    I never wanted this."

    Here's the song about a victim of sexual abuse who is speaking out after many years. Actually the whole lyrics say how I feel, since I've been in such situation for a long time; even though it's written in the form of dialogue…
  • Историческая лента моего гетоебства

    18. Aug. 2014, 8:48 von TeridaX

    Overwhelming getoyobstvo1000th track: (08 Nov 2008)
    Пилот - Рок
    2000th track: (06 Dec 2008)
    Hurt - Aftermath
    3000th track: (05 Jan 2009)
    Slipknot - Psychosocial
    4000th track: (28 Jan 2009)
    Hurt - House of Cards
    5000th track: (11 Feb 2009)
    Seether - Because of Me
    6000th track: (24 Feb 2009)
    Hurt - Role Martyr X
    7000th track: (15 Mar 2009)
    Пилот - Неродина
    8000th track: (10 Apr 2009)
    Slipknot - Vermilion Pt. 2
    9000th track: (11 May 2009)
    Hurt - Flowers
    10000th track: (28 Jun 2009)
    Drowning Pool - Sermon
    11000th track: (15 Aug 2009)
    Disturbed - Prayer
    12000th track: (06 Sep 2009)
    Three Days Grace - Just Like You
    13000th track: (22 Sep 2009)
    Ill Nino - What Comes Around
    14000th track: (18 Oct 2009)
    Breaking Benjamin - The Diary of Jane
    15000th track: (09 Nov 2009)
    Hurt - Thank You For Listening
    16000th track: (27 Nov 2009)
    Ill Nino - guerrilla carnival
    17000th track: (16 Dec 2009)
    Сектор Газа - Пора Домой
    18000th track: (13 Jan 2010)
  • quizzaaah

    2. Jun. 2014, 1:45 von DespicableGypsy

    1. What's your favorite song by 14?
    Lifelover: Humörets Bottenvåning

    2. How did you get into 20?
    there's 2 20s so i'll do both
    Placebo: my sister and I saw them on Micallef tonight when sleeping with ghosts was released.
    Starbomb: boyfriend showed them to me

    3. Who is your favorite member in 8?
    Katatonia, none.

    4. Whats your favorite lyric bit by 29?
    The Knife, the chorus to [track=artist]Heartbeats[/track]

    5. Have you ever seen 22 live?
    Kyuss. no, unfortunately :( they've been to aus twice since they reunited and i've never had the chance.

    6. What's your favorite album from 10?
    The Beards: ALL THE ALBUMS.

    7. Do you own any merchandise from 3?
    Kansas: unless you include their cds/vinyl and supernatural dvds, no.

    8. What is a good memory you have of 7?
    Katy Perry: giggling at my boyfriend when he sings her songs at karaoke

    9. Is there a member of the same age as you in 2?
    Agalloch: lolno

    10. When did you first get into 1?
  • Taking a Look at My Top 5

    2. Jan. 2014, 22:57 von Your_Old

    So I decided to do it.

    1. Katatonia

    Listening to since: I have no idea now. 2000? I was really a little child when I've heard their music for a first time and it took me a little time to get into them. That's weird.
    How did you get to know their music?: By accident, it seems. I don't even remember after such long time.
    First favourite song: I Am Nothing.
    Song you listened to most: Follower.
    Favorite song at the moment: I can't decide, it changes every day, but it would be probably Displaced. And Evidence. *.*
    Least favourite song: Is there any? I can't answer this question, I love this band too much.
    Best album: Tonight's Decision and/or The Great Cold Distance (yeah, so predictable answer xD)
    Seen live: Once. The best day of my life. <3
    Memory concerning them: A lot. They have saved my life, really.

    2. At the Gates

    Listening to since: Quite long time, I don't know, their music has been always around.
    How did you get to know their music?: My dad liked them. Moreover, I'm from their city, yay.
  • random quotes survey

    17. Jul. 2013, 20:09 von Your_Old

    Put your iTunes on shuffle, but instead of just putting the name of the song, write the first sentence of the song as a response to the questions.
    (I've cheated a little as I've used my phone to do it. Because I don't even have iTunes. :P)

    These were my first words:
    "Are you in or are you out?"
    [In the White]

    Lol, I think it'd be rather first words I've ever heard. xD

    This is what my mom said when she gave birth to me:
    "I tried to kill the pain."

    Really? I thought I was wanted child. :(

    This is what I say every morning when I wake up:
    "It's cold out here."
    [At the Gates]

    This is true. What a surprise. o.o'

    This is what my friends think of me:
    "O my, your fever's high."

    Pff, definitely. xD They must think I'm weird. :x

    These are the first words I spoke to my true love:
    "The arrogance in the bitter sweet."
    [I'll Be Your Suicide]

  • something that I should probably put in my About Me, but I won't do it anyway and I…

    4. Mai. 2013, 21:39 von Your_Old

    Something more about me, lol. Like it was important at all.

    001. What is Your Name?
    Jonas, it's enough. Some know my last name as well. By the way, call me Kitty if you want.
    002. How old are you?
    20. I feel like I was 14, sometimes like I was 70. Really.
    003. What is the link to your website, blog, or myspace?
    I have none of them, only this one and one more.

    004. What is your height?
    About 170 cm, maybe a little bit more. pff, I wished. I've checked it and it turned out that I'm 168 cm tall. Life is unfair. e.e
    I guess I'm not so tall in comparison to my nation as a whole.
    005. Do you have any siblings?
    Yeah. A half-sister, who is 13 years younger than me. Surprisingly we get along very well and we can't live without each other.
    006. What is your eye colour?
    Something between green and grey, it's more green when I'm sad.
    007. What is your hair colour?
    A diarrhea color. e.e In fact, it's something between blonde and red, and I don't like it so much, so my current hair color is black.
  • Moscow <3s You, Evanescence (videos added)

    29. Jun. 2012, 13:15 von trinityDream

    Wed 27 Jun – Evanescence

    Этого концерта российские поклонники Evanescence ждали очень долго – трудно в это поверить, но предыдущий визит американцев в Москву состоялся шесть лет назад. Внушительный интервал был вызван не отсутствием у музыкантов желания возвращаться, а перерывом в деятельности группы как таковой – после тура в поддержку предыдущего альбома Evanescence временно разошлись, причем некоторые музыканты по различным причинам покинули коллектив. Разумеется, это не могло не отразиться на творчестве, равно как и на живых выступлениях.


    Я считаю, что сейчас мы имеем уже другую группу, которая, как оказалось, не утратила связи с истоками. Хотя и жаль, что на тех Evanescence вживую мне не суждено посмотреть, я остался очень доволен увиденным. Услышанным чуть меньше, но об этом позже. Самое главное – с нескрываемым удовольствием, не считая восторга от того, что я вижу перед собой Ее (в жизни она еще красивее!)…
  • How I Discovered Good Music

    12. Apr. 2012, 23:36 von nable7

    When I was in grade school (I won't say when) I got into 80's rock/metal, especially Poison, Mötley Crüe, Aerosmith, etc. Later on I got into Guns 'N Roses a little bit and discovered Phantom Of The Opera. I tried to enjoy other musics that were going around but I just couldn't get into much of it. At the end of high school I ditched altogether for . I didn't actually like to listen punk rock that much, but I liked the culture around it, and it made me feel one with the culture to listen to it, so I did. And in my local punk scene you couldn't be a punk and a metal-head at the same time, so I chose punk rock. In the band I played in (because if you're a real punk you have to be in a band) we even did a song making fun of metal… which was actually really fun to play…

    While many punks certainly took exception to it, our punk scene mostly opened its arms to the rave scene, including , , etc. I had always been a fan of what and could do in music…
  • [Last.fm] Top 100 Tracks of all time by listeners (as of 8 Apr 2012)

    8. Apr. 2012, 0:26 von RadioKaKa

    It's based on their most popular tracks from the Top 500 Artists on last.fm, but there would be a few omissions, so if you find any missing ones, leave a comment, please!

    As of 8 April, 2012, there're 29 tracks with over 1,000,000 listeners (certificated PLATINUM), 5 of them even surpassed the DIAMOND (10,000,000) plays mark; besides, Lady Gaga's Bad Romance also achieved 10 million plays, with 840,800 listeners so far.

    Rank - Listeners - Plays - Ratio (Average plays per listener) - Artist – Track
    1 - 1,439,300 - 9,958,000 - 7 - Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit
    2 - 1,367,500 - 10,629,000 - 8 - Oasis – Wonderwall
    3 - 1,352,100 - 11,369,000 - 8 - The Killers – Mr. Brightside
    4 - 1,281,800 - 8,224,000 - 6 - Nirvana – Come as You Are
    5 - 1,266,600 - 8,690,000 - 7 - Coldplay – Clocks
    6 - 1,223,600 - 8,572,000 - 7 - The Killers – Somebody Told Me
    7 - 1,184,600 - 7,273,000 - 6 - Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
    8 - 1,169,600 - 9,114,000 - 8 - Radiohead – Karma Police
  • My top 5 Evanescence songs

    26. Mär. 2012, 21:07 von ackers07

    1. Bring Me to Life
    2. Going Under
    3. Everybody's Fool
    4. Imaginary
    5. Tourniquet

    Fallen, what can I say, a masterpiece and a breakthrough debut album... I could easily enlist the whole thing as a top 10 (plus extra track).

    I'm glad I bought this record when I was younger, 'cos since rediscovering the CD in spring 2011, it has helped me a lot; crucial timing. Amy Lee rocks! The trouble with writing this kinda killer material (akin to, though unlike Siamese Dream) is that it makes the output that followed seem rather weak in comparison! Although I'm not very familiar with their latest two albums... I also believe this is my first (and only) record of the gothic rock genre.