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  • Avatar for silascosta
    Fallen > Origin >The Open Door > Evanescence
  • Avatar for GalaxyStark
    TPR >> Ev, sou muito afronta sim
  • Avatar for md0429
    Adoro Evanescence, adoro We are the fallen. Coisa infantil ficar criando rixa
  • Avatar for johnnylukas
    E pra nao ficar fora do assunto ali.. Fallen >>>> TOD>>> EV3
  • Avatar for johnnylukas
    Essa intriga foi criada pelos próprios fans, até pq o próprio Ben ja disse que nao quis imitar ou competir com o Ev
  • Avatar for johnnylukas
    We are the Fallen é uma banda boa sim, não sei pq a implicancia de vcs, eu hein.
  • Avatar for Santigne
    Missing ♥
  • Avatar for artgagax
    All albums >>>>>> any other rock album.
  • Avatar for soypauperrimo
    Fallen >>> Evanescence > The Open Door
  • Avatar for AshtonWCE
    Ev3 >>>>> Fallen >>>>>>> The Open Door
  • Avatar for AshtonWCE
    Era pra ter Björk nos Similar Artists. We Are the Fallen é só uma paródia, tirem daí (2)
  • Avatar for uptownspecial
    Era pra ter Björk nos Similar Artists. We Are the Fallen é só uma paródia, tirem daí
  • Avatar for uptownspecial
    Farther Away ❤️
  • Avatar for eN4ez
    Bring Me To Life (Original)ιllιlι.ιl..ιllιlι.ι
  • Avatar for soypauperrimo
    My Immortal ♥
  • Avatar for DanieloPop
    I need a new album and tour
  • Avatar for shimmering_soul
    верните мне мой 2007ой т__т
  • Avatar for johnnylukas
    Lancem algo novo PELO AMOR DE DEUS!!!!!!1
  • Avatar for Merve_Lee
    We need new album.
  • Avatar for KarlaBeatles
    We need new music =( [2]
  • Avatar for Merve_Lee
    It was late,but welcome to the Evanescence Jen Majura ♥
  • Avatar for Fabricio_Alve1
    Pedir que voltem seria pedir de mais !?
  • Avatar for myflowerofevil
  • Avatar for nicoomotion
  • Avatar for buterassada
  • Avatar for Santigne
    We need new music =(
  • Avatar for ToropIogann
    The voise is realy resembleы the Sharon DenAdell's one.
  • Avatar for martingrich
    Voice of a generation.
  • Avatar for AllanDemigod
    pelo amor de Amy não tirem essa main!
  • Avatar for Kislosha
    Сделали моё детство. :)
  • Avatar for sadbaphomet
    nice meme
  • Avatar for rettside
  • Avatar for Ailtonjuni0r
    Ouvindo o Evanescence, só hinos né amores.
  • Avatar for morgaineblack
    Oh the nostalgia!
  • Avatar for MylaSchiffer
    Hello <3
  • Avatar for Leilaamira
    come back, please
  • Avatar for marcosdelaought
    que saudade :(
  • Avatar for johnnylukas
    Me sigam que sigo de volta.
  • Avatar for JenyaChudik
  • Avatar for johnnylukas
    Praticamente todo o Fallen no top 10. KKKK #ÁlbumDoSéculo
  • Avatar for johnnylukas
    Vamos gente. quase 1 milhão de scrobbles com BMTL.~~
  • Avatar for AllanDemigod
    diminuíram os scrobbles de BMTL, é isso mesmo?
  • Avatar for ToriIsMyMaster
    Missing Amy & Evanescence everyday :(
  • Avatar for damnruckus
    Oh man so much nostalgia listening to their music
  • Avatar for Fabricio_Alve1
    Saudades! :(
  • Avatar for icelandiccold
    группа двух песен
  • Avatar for benxander
    @SrtoLuan well, isn't that a crying shame? What material isn't 'good'? have you listened to Aftermath? Much of the album has poignant and sombre instrumental composition that I'd expect would go down well with Evanescence fans.
  • Avatar for rikki_kenji
    Remember when Evanescence was alive?
  • Avatar for SrtoLuan
    @benxander it's not a matter of scrobbles, it's a matter of bad songs. Her new material isn't good, I couldn't like any of her new songs
  • Avatar for benxander
    'Amy's solo career' doesn't suck, come on. It's great to hear her sing within different genres. It's disheartening to see that there can be fans of a band unable to accept that a lead singer can release additional material. I'm guessing that these 'fans' are just upset their 'Amy Lee scrobbles' aren't confined to one artist/tag.


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