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  • MusiQ3985

    I usually don't make it past the second verse without crying, fantastic song.

    August 2014
  • silvasonicsurfa

    ...nice to hear this for a change after so many years...........

    January 2012
  • ThrillerNights

    Is it bad if I like the Choir version much, much better?

    November 2011
  • rustystake

    Absolutely love

    September 2011
  • zaubermaus4305

    seuufttzzzz**so traurig und wunderschön

    November 2010
  • rainy-dog

    this is far from horrible. it's sad, beautiful and the choir version is one of annie's best performances of all time

    October 2009
  • CarolineAz

    I believe in you like Elvis Presley singing songs on a Sunday... o_O

    October 2009
  • Nefertiti2


    October 2009
  • miamigirlie

    We miss U Ray... Angel!!!!

    July 2009
  • mixplusik

    @steve7810: you must've been looking for "There Must Be an Angel (Playing with My Heart)"

    April 2009
  • legrecdimitri

    back to where she came from.... sad but beautiful

    March 2009
  • A111NJACK

    Not many have lasted longer than out Annie...Great performer...Every track means something to someone or other.

    March 2009
  • jodica


    March 2009
  • diniore

    Que voz, por favor!!!!

    March 2009
  • asleepatmydesk

    I like it, more than their more well known stuff too

    November 2008
  • miaowlets

    I think that nothing Lennox wraps her voice around is bad, even if American and shmaltzy in sentiment.

    March 2008
  • AgnesBook

    I agree! Horrible song.

    February 2008
  • jumpinatshadows

    Horrible song, embarrassing video. The crappiest Eurythmics track I've heard.

    December 2007