• My Top 10 Hip-Hop Albums: #10 - #6

    21 Mar 2012, 06:29 by SometimeWorld

    Still just brainstorming for a bigger thing.

    #10 Main Source - Breaking Atoms
    I fought with myself to slide "Madvillainy" or "Black On Both Sides" into this number 10 spot. But as much as I love the both of those I guess I'm just a sucker for the classic 90's sound found on this album and the nine that follow it. Kicking the list off is this classic from one of my personal favourite beat-makers, Large Professor. He just has a way with what he does that is just classic. The highlight for me being "Vamos A Rapair", with it's funky ass beat. Whenever I pull this one out I have vivid memories of watching through The Wire for the first time. Must have been a couple of nights there where I was marathoning through Season 4, listening to this each night beforehand and getting in the mood to watch that bad motherfucker Marlo and those poor kids' struggles haha. Having said that, the album isn't faultless by any stretch. …
  • Bitchin'

    11 Jul 2008, 03:41 by llynnowens

    Wow. This took an eternity to do! I skipped a few where I didn't have that number on my chart and just subbed other numbers in other places. Blah...blah...blah...

    1. How did you get into 31?
    There really isn't any neat story behind it or anything...just one of those bands you read about, see merch for or whatever and end up checking out.

    2. What was the first song you ever heard by 22?
    There is no 22! It looks like the closest is Beastie Boys at 21. The first song with them would have been Girls, courtesy of an older brother singing it constantly for a while when we were kids.

    3. What's your favourite lyric by 29?
    For Gram Parsons, it's "We'll Sweep Out the Ashes in the Morning"
    "We're two people caught up in the flame
    that has to die out soon
    I didn't mean to start this fire and neither did you
    So tonight when you hold me tight
    we'll let the fire burn on
    And we'll sweep out the ashes in the morning"

  • Ten favourite artists beginning with the letter - E

    25 Oct 2007, 11:54 by beezer_b

    (Forenames first as on lastFM)

    Ten favourite artists beginning with the letter E

    10. Eddie Bo
    9. Egyptian Lover
    8. Eazy-E
    7. Eugene McDaniels
    6. Edo G
    5. E-40
    4. East Flatbush Project
    3. Elvin Jones
    2. Eric B. & Rakim
    1. EPMD

    Or something like that. EPMD are a definite number one. Eric B for irrelevent but Rakim is still music to my ears. Elvin Jones hits drums the best of any Jazzers. East Flatbush are not one-track wonders, they've got like 5 big slappers. 40 is too entertaining for Edo G who is mostly really good. Eugene McDaniels is really hit and miss but the hitbits are more than a bit hitty. I like Eazy-E. Is that so wrong? Egyptian Lover was great on record but the internet has meant I can see his videos. Amazinged. Eddie Bo gets there for like two songs but Hook & Sling is like the best rhythm ever or something.

    Peace to Eddie Kiendricks, Earth Wind & Fire and Evelyn King for not quite making it. None of us palefaces up in E. ELO must try harder...