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Ethereal Pain was gothic metal band from Barcelona, Spain, formed in 2004. They started under the name of Ethereal Rain. The names was changed shortly before the release of their demo "Corners of Too Late". After the release of the demo, they split up.

Eva Martinez - vocals
Albert Palop - guitar
Lulu - keyboards
Dani - bass
Albert Velez - drums

The idea of Ethereal Pain was born in march 2004, when the guitar player Alan Zmud first tried to create a Gothic Metal band, first known as Eternal Rain. He first contacted Giselle and Ruth, keyboard and vocals. The first rehersal together they had trouble finding the local, and had to walk a lot under a heavy rain, which gave Alan the idea of the band´s name.

A couple weeks later, after a few auditions, they met the drummer Albert Velez and the bass player Miguel Chamizo. Soon the first songs of the band, such as Looking for an Exit or Chimera Tree were born.

The first live performance took place on november 2004, at the Hospitalet rock on! concert. The show was fine, but after listening to the recording, and large discussions, Miguel, Alan and Albert decided that the voices they had weren´t exactly the sound they wanted in the band. It was hard, but they decided that Giselle and Ruth should no longer be a part of Eternal Rain.

So the band was unclompleted again. It took a few time to contact Eva and Lulu, the current vocals and keyboard, who were interested in joining a Gothic Metal band. With them, the sound gained in darkness and expressivity. In December 2005, a second guitar player, Albert Palop, joined the band. The reason was getting to sound stronger and more versatile with two guitars.

This line-up was very stable and worked fine, so Eternal Rain managed to play at Metal Circus Fest, the main festival of local bands in the region of Barcelona. Nevertheless, after a success in that festival, musical diferences made Alan and Miguel leave the band.

Recently, the band has agreed the incorporation of Dani, a new bass player to cover the void left by Miguel and play with only one guitar player, as Albert Palop has the strenght the group was looking for.

With this line-up the first demo "Corners of Too Late" was recorded in July 2006 at Axtudio in Barcelona with Mr Ax of Asgaroth as Producer and recorder. The sound of the demo is darker, deeper and sightly different from the old one, so Eternal decided to break totally with the past and change their name to the current Ethereal Pain, a less evident and more expressive name. This name try to figure the contradiction between the real suffering of the pain, and the unexistent being of ethereal things.

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