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  • much better than original
  • cover,hin wie her,hsb ist besser ! basta
  • This cover sucks...
  • EoS > EToS >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> HSB
  • Anyone who thinks that any other version is better than the original is either deaf or retarded or both. HSB and EToS both pretty much rape the song.
  • heaven shall burn sucks! [2]
  • heaven shall burn sucks!
  • heaven shall burn is better [3]
  • GGT
    EToS > EoS > HSB
  • hsb & orig > this imo.
  • Horrible cover the vocals fucking sucks
  • heaven shall burn is better [2]
  • Original is better, i think.
  • best version of this song by far
  • This is better than the other versions, I checked them ...
  • Original is pretty good, this version is okay, HSB is.. pointless, they didn't even include a solo -_-
  • lmao, I'm a decent HSB fan but EtoS did alot better than them. HSB kkilled it.
  • pretty good version, though EoS is still far out of reach.
  • This one's way better than HSB's version and I'm saying that as a big HSB fan... besides, ETOS was first.
  • This is the worst version imo.The original is a lot better and Heaven Shall Burn's version is a little better.Still,great song.
  • they increased the speed of this song, its supposed to be slower ~~
  • fucking best
  • I hate this version. I don't know why but I like the original and the Heaven Shall Burn version more.
  • Awesome \m/
  • Hardly, I find the harsh vocals fit this song a lot better.
  • Crap compared to the original version.
  • I love how they replace the first guitar solo by the keyboard! Greatness.
  • Great cover! Better than original.
  • yeah, original version of this song is simply better!
  • Original is better. :/ I usually like covers, too.
  • guitar solo ftw

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