• Band Discoveries - A to Z

    24 Aug 2010, 09:08 by Riouyu

    A band name for every letter in the alphabet along with how I found out about them! I tried to stay away from mainstream to a point while making sure my heavily listened to bands get on the list.

    An Cafe - ahh my 1st visual kei band... my brother first showed me them, making fun of how they looked like girls x\ haha... well we listened to alot of heavy metal and classic rock at the time. but i loved them ever since ^^

    The Black Mages - haha FINALFANTASY XPPP

    Caramell - ah, well the only song i have is Caramelldansen

    DaizyStripper - ahhh this band = = difficult to find their album... mm discovered this band when a friend of mine sent me a song of theirs, beautiful song, and i later looked up their discography

    Esti - er well not a band per se?, but i discovered from his songs on the game DJMAX

    The Foundations - why do you build me up buttercup, first heard while karaokeing

    the GazettE - one of the first visual rock bands i discovered, from my brother

  • Recent musical developments

    16 Feb 2010, 11:06 by Antaeus

    My musical preference is changing, or expanding. Not sure which word is more fitting for how I feel now. Lately I have been more and more interested in purely electronic music. Not sure where it started, but I think I got bored with the Japanese Electronic scene(or simply discovered everything that could be discovered from that country). Random bands from other countries pop up. I already listened to bands like L’ame Immortelle or Lights of Euphoria, but bands from the same genre(or similar genres), seem to catch my interest. I remember I couldn’t really listen to this type of music when I was younger.

    For example, I have been listening to Yade a lot. Apparently, his music could be labelled as goth music(something I wouldn’t guess from his image, or even the sound of his music), but based on the type of people it attracts, I suppose it is goth. I really like the simple dark electronic layers used in his music. His voice has a well-done effect(I am guessing it’s an effect, I could be wrong, sorry if that is the case). …
  • A list of Splendid Splendidness

    20 Apr 2007, 22:25 by Gnac

    This entry serves two main purposes: one is sort of useful and the other(s) is/are utterly stupid.

    First, the stupid reasons: to pimp this link in the artist pages of everyone I listen to, to shamelessly get people to click on it, and to annoy those who did.

    Second, to test a PHP script which automatically extracts data from Winamp generated HTML playlists - so I can honestly say that this DOES contain everything on my playlist at the time I made this entry.

    1300 Items

    1-Speed Bike (1-Speed Bike)
    13 & God (13 & God)

    3 Studies for a Crucifixion (3 Studies For A Crucifixion)
    324 (324)
    360° Positive Rockers (360° Positive Rockers)

    The 45 King + John Klemmer (The 45 King + John Klemmer)

    5th Garden (5th Garden)

    8-Bit Weapon (8-Bit Weapon)
    808 State (808 State)
    8up (8up)

    9 Lazy 9 (9 Lazy 9)

    µ-Ziq (µ-Ziq)

    A.P.E. (A.P.E.)
    Aavikko (Aavikko)
    Aavikko & Kabar (Aavikko & Kabar)
    Above the Law (Above the Law)
    Aceyalone (Aceyalone)