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  • ridiculously amazing!
  • Still amazing after a few years of discovery.
  • so nice <3
  • What ads? Oh wait I use adblock....
  • unique
  • this is colossal, this is magnific, this is boffo. omg!
  • CLOUDLIGHT floating and floating and floatig for this song <3
  • amazing...and also these almay smartshade ads look like the t virus cartridges
  • Coup de coeur
  • i think this is not produced in our galaxy
  • beautiful
  • ~♥ Very Beautiful ♥~
  • so blissful
  • This is eternal blissfully song. It's already part of me. Whenever I listen to this track my brain is somewhere in other galaxies. Eternal trippy madness, in a very good way, of course.
  • Beautiful.
  • this song is so good. I love it
  • SO GOOD! making sweet love to my ears! the music video is the firing of my brain on psychedeliaaaa
  • Awesome sound!
  • lsd overdose, love it :D
  • Should NOT have stayed an instrumental at all!
  • should have stayed an instrumental, great beats
  • Wow, this was in my library? Must have played while I was away from my desk! Instant fav this time around!!
  • <3!
  • Superb!
  • fantastic
  • maaaan
  • this is on a whole 'nother level
  • too dope...amazing sound. mad props
  • Megalomaniac...
  • This song is fantasmic
  • magic
  • I keep trying to find a song which is more elegantly crafted and I keep failing miserably. This is a good thing.
  • seriously ill.
  • Xhi
  • Greeaat for Tribal fusion \o/
  • sounds from the hearctic
  • uhhhhhhhhh AMAZING trackkkkkkkk and the vid for it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • lol i haz same shoes as the guy in this video does xD
  • like a dream :)
  • Floating in magically colorful pieces of sky. Such beautiful lyrics.
  • cool :D
  • Fucking awesome.
  • un-freakin-believable!!!! @upim ~> absolutely!!!!!
  • it's really art!
  • nice music !!!
  • It's like dreaming... Wow, amazing
  • I have no idea what to even tag this as...
  • Супер!


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