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Esion Vule (I love noise said backwards in a Borat accent) is a noise project that started recording in 2008 on the south coast of England. Only one member is persistent and has a few guest vocalists that appear on three tracks from Brakkachat, one of which also added samples to one track.
Instead of creating albums with a short but lengthy track selection, Esion Vule prefers to create shorter tracks but make up the album's play time with a greater number of "songs" this way everything shifts drastically every minute and a half or so to keep a consistently fast pace and refrain from monotony.

The first LP release 'Brakkachat' was intentionally made to give listeners a headache, inspired by the likes of Atrax Morgue, Whitehouse and Merzbow. A majority of the album was recorded with just a human voice, a hedge-cutter, various household items such as kitchen utensils, hammers and 3 different synthesizers. The main goal trying to intentionally destroy amplifiers and speakers.

The second release entitled 'Jupiter Storm' was more synthesizer focused than Brakkachat and was released in 2010.

Frozen Stare EP is slightly more rhythmic focused and was released in February 2014.

Vanguard was released in July 2014 and is very similar to Brakkachat in terms of atmosphere, heavy sampling, humor and its unstructured characteristics. It was also intended to induce mass migraines among listeners and will be the last release.

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