• Rotations (April 1)

    1 Apr 2008, 17:23 by liftmuziek

    First quarter of 2008 is over, and I'm already confident about this year's output. A lot of great music that has been years in the making is finally mushrooming through the dying layers. This installment of Rotations has a bit of everything. Modern classical, ambient, psychill, dark electro, breakcore, glitchy IDM, trip-hop, d'n'b, and even minimal techno. I'm not sure, if I'm just all over the place these days, or there is just so much great music to consume. Not to mention my never ending interest in dusting off older albums. And when I'm out of new music to listen to (yeah, right!), I turn to a podcast, Electronic Explorations, which always has something interesting in store for me. So let's start there.



    Electronic Explorations (Podcast)

    I rarely find a podcast that is notable for a dedicated writeup. …